WebJay is closing down!

It has been a while that WebJay doesn’t seems to be getting much movement and today I first read an announcement on their website recommending everybody to backup their playlists files because they are going down by the end of June, 2007.

I could not find any information about it and they don’t explain the reasons for the shutdown.

Since most of ccnelas playlists are currently being hosted on Webjay I’ll stop genre playlists updates temporarily, or maybe permanently. I wasn’t having enough time to update them frequently anyway… 🙁

Playlists All and Jamendo Hits will continue normally. I’m going to clean up feeds, and probably shutdown a few of them, but I’ll let you know when changes will be applied.

If you really like a specific feed (other than main site feed) this is the time to tell me!

Other than that, ccnelas will continue to expose free music normally! Keep listening!


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2 Responses to WebJay is closing down!

  1. Sunil

    this sucks….but if you want to import your playlists then MXPLAY player has just added a plugin to do that easily….check their blog post


  2. sounds interesting, but definitely wasn’t what I expected. I’ll give it a try on the player anyway, next time I’m on windows!

    thanks for the tip!