Using WordPress tags and categories!

Eta CarinaeEcos (from netBloc Vol7)

CategoriesOne of the major changes in ccnelas was in its organization. Previously I had some playlists around and music genres were dedicated to them. Albums had there own “albums of the week” tag, all of them. It wasn’t good at all. Besides that, all post titles had something like “Album! 1st Week of July 2007”, bad…!

Now I changed post titles to artist and album names, which is much better visibility for their music, and changed the embedded player for a picture, since very few people seem to use that (and it was stripped by most feed readers). Now you are getting an image taste of the sound, and not just a bitter plain text!

But for me the coolest feature was to put in use the recent differentiation between tags and categories, made by WordPress (see FAQ). Each album is included in at least one category and at most three. They reflect, generally, the album music style, a not creative commons way to classify… You can now easily browse thru categories!

TagsEach post has been marked with a tag for its license (e.g. by-sa or art libre…), country of origin of the artist/band (e.g. Brazil) and where the album has been published (i.e. name of the netlabel or website).

Now you can easily define ccnelas as a blog with a lot of electronica, french artists from Jamendo and music licensed under by-nc-nd! Coool.

Let’s see how these tags and categories will evolve now… and common people, let others remix your music!

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