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Roger Subirana – Point of no return

Roger SubiranaPoint of no return (by-nc-nd)

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

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Point of no return is a diversified album with very pleasant “film music” songs. It is one of the Jamendo hits, with more than 140000 listens, almost 10000 downloads, and 107 reviews. Most songs are instrumental with piano and electronic arrangements and some have cool vocal inserts. Really good. Watch Roger Subirana playing the song Island of Light, included in Point of no return, and visit the links for more info.




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The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

Volume 9

The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

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Long time since last post, but I’m slowly crawling out again. The reason is the nice compilation you are seeing above, The Silent Ballet IX. A few days ago I was attracted to hiddenplacemusic, via twitter, and read his review of this compilation. It was just what I need, some quiet delicate ambient songs!

I highly recommend the artists featured in this release! I specially liked the tunes Mehr als alles andere (Bersarin Quartett) and Telling Time (Redhooker). There is also a song from Bosques de mi Mente, which appeared here some time ago.

So, enjoy the songs!

  1. Nulla DesiderataThe Dead Sea
  2. FokOlafur Arnalds
  3. GlitchAnoice
  4. Mehr Als Alles AndereBersarin Quartett
  5. FecundaEmanuele Errante
  6. AtlanticPeter Broderick
  7. The Social Evening (In 1992)The Abbasi Brothers
  8. DorisSumner McKane
  9. I SurrenderCam Butler
  10. Telling TimeRedhooker
  11. Nubes Apiladas en Forma de MontaasBosques de mi Mente
  12. Conversation PieceRudi Arapahoe
  13. Sketches from MemoryJoe Frawley



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Bosques de mi Mente – Trenes de Juguete

Bosques de mi MenteTrenes de Juguete

Trenes de Juguete

Classical ambient music with an amazing beauty of sounds. Reminds me of Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen.

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Ricar – 1-Abaco


Ricar (aka Ricardo Aguilar) is a sculptor and self-taught guitar player from Spain. I first heard his songs thru myspace and now I’m gladly putting his album as this week’s choice!


Ricar’s 1-Abaco ranges from experimental to progressive rock, passing thru new age and cinematic music. Synth elements, piano, drums, and his guitar create the environment for the songs! For more information and other places to listen check out his blog here.

Good listening!

[edit]The album is no longer available. Check his blog for news[/edit]

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