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Aygan – Plastic City

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AyganPlastic City
Aygan - Plastic City

bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

So, this is my band’s first demo release! It is a mix of hard rock, metal, and groove… Please, grab the files, drop me a line, leave a comment, review it… tell me what you think, any kind of feedback is welcome, really! For more info about the band you can visit myspace, Last.fm or the official website.


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…and nobody cared – Breakfast in Tanger

…and nobody caredBreakfast in Tanger

Breakfast in Tanger

bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

Very nice multiplicity of sounds with a lot of different moods, all nicely laid with a trumpet and electro sounds. Quite different approach indeed, excellent album!

Recommended by galaktycznyzwiad.

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LEGO – indélédébile



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Listening to indélédébile brings me this subtle nostalgic feeling… it was one of the first albums I downloaded from Jamendo, when ccnelas was just in its beginnings. This is simple and pleasant music, ideas are well placed and there is this balance hidden in between the sounds…

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Frank Molder – Come With Me

Frank MolderCome With Me

Frank Molder - Come With Me

full zip mp3

Frank Molder’s songs got into my computer after I listened to Orbital Movement (first song of Come With Me), at auboutdufil. It has appeared in many sites, but I felt I needed it here. The whole release is veeery nice!

Listen to Orbital Movement

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Camerata Brasileira – Deixa Assim…

Camerata BrasileiraDeixa Assim…

Camerata Brasileira - Deixa Assim...

bit torrent or emule | ogg | mp3

Very nice Brazilian music released a week ago at Jamendo! Camerata Brasileira plays the “Choro” (or “Chorinho”) which is a typical style of instrumental music from Brazil. You can read more about Choro here or visit some links at this wikipedia stub.

Camerata Brasileira

Don’t forget to visit their website! There is another album available to download. You can also buy their CDs here.

I leave you with Camerata Brasileira‘s description by Marcello Campos:

Improvisation, choro, swing, jazz, samba, electronic/techno, mutation, tradition, contemporary Brazil, music… just music.

The choro has already been a musical gender, a style, a way of performing… anyway, it has received a series of concepts (and misconcepts) which gave it faces and labels. For Camerata Brasileira, the choro is a celebration of life: more than technique or wisdom, it is knowledge and art, and so being it surpasses music and becomes part of our daily lives. If Camerata performs it in two or three parts, in the correct style, with the adequate structures, anyway… it doesn’t matter. Camerata does it only because it’s music, and that’s what these guys like to do, by an imperative biological or aesthetical need – who knows?

Camerata signs its creations with a personal touch, in which one can identify many of the contributions every one of them slowly brings into the whole. Sources? There are many of them… Maybe all of those cited in the beginning of this text.

Their nowadays repertoire includes pieces by Pixinguinha, Baden Powell, Hermeto Pascoal, Jacob do Bandolim, Sivuca, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Tom Jobim, besides their own pieces. But don’t be surprised if they come out with an unknown composer, a musical freak or a non-ortodox proposal, for their north is music… just music.

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Axial – Senóide


Axial - Senóide


Most beautiful compositions I heard lately… Axial is a Brazilian band that creates delicate songs fusing electronic elements, acoustic instruments and voice. Nicely soft vocals and synth beds get surrounded by subtle glitch effects… songs arrangements are diverse with some improvisations and creative structure of melodic lines. The album Senóide has been released this year and will be available at their website until it get to the stores. You can also listen to their music at Last.fm.

Here are a couple of videos of them playing live! Very nice!




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Manguina – Ot Azoï

ManguinaOt Azoï

Manguina - Ot Azoï

bit torrent | ed2k | ogg | mp3

ManguinaSome traditional music with a dramatic violin! A very different mix of cultures, from jewish to flamenco. Check their website for more info (in French).

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henri.petterson – part of me

henri.pettersonpart of me

henri.petterson - part of me

Interesting compositions. The whole set is fluid with lots of transitions and minimalist mood changes throughout the songs.

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Windpearl – I love you a bit…

WindpearlI love you a bit…

I love you a bit...

Quite dark tracks. There is a noir cyberpunk feeling in the air…


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Stan-X – Stan-X


Stan-X - Stan-X

That is some very good funk-jazz-fusion music to start the month!


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