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pornophonique – 8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer

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Very creative lo-fi rock band! Nice melodies and video game tunes, for those into it. There is a summary here:

eine gitarre.
ein gameboy.
ein c64.
zwei typen. | two guys
space invaders samples.
lagerfeuergeschrabbel. | something like relaxing in a campfire
gameboygedudel. | spending time with gameboy
auch gesang mit dabei. | sing-along

They have a nice website with videos, music and a lot of stuff to buy (including the sad robot gear). Of course you can’t miss the opportunity to see them live!


(German tips by Fran)

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Enneri Blaka – Démo 2004

Enneri BlakaDémo 2004

Démo 2004

This week’s album came a bit late, but came a lot groovy!

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Kaapad – TANGRAM



I liked it. Multiple approach to sounds, samples, and melody fusing into nice experimental music!

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Bosques de mi Mente – Trenes de Juguete

Bosques de mi MenteTrenes de Juguete

Trenes de Juguete

Classical ambient music with an amazing beauty of sounds. Reminds me of Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen.

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StrangeZero – Last Night E.P.

StrangeZeroLast Night E.P.

StrangeZero - Last Night E.P.

Interestingly sophisticated. Find more.

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HYPE – Lies and Speeches

HYPELies and Speeches

HYPE - Lies and Speeches

Good pop-rock album. Listen more!

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Anawin – A glimpse inside the bubble

AnawinA glimpse inside the bubble

Anawin - A glimpse inside the bubble

Soft groove with a subtle touch of blues and jazz. Delicious easy listening songs and vocals!

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Evan – Rever… Peut-etre…

EvanRever… Peut-etre…

Evan - Rever... Peut-etre...

Wonderful “musique de film” album with a variety of sounds and rhythms to be explored! What I like about this type of music is how it makes you “see” the soundwaves constructing a clearly nitid image…!

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sion – Smoky Jazz Dub

sionSmoky Jazz Dub

sion - Smoky Jazz Dub

Please read before listening:

Smoky Jazz Dub is a journey, its a story of a single night…(after hours) you are out late drinking your troubles away in a sleezy jazz bar, you find yourself chatting with someone. You’re both happy of the company.

(back for coffee) Time passes and you decide to go back to their place for a coffee. Things get laid back, chilled out and physical.

Soon passions rise, things get heated and the night begins…….

(countdown) its much later, things are calm again, you both drift in and out of consciousness in each others arms, exhausted, yet vaguely thoughtful of the night thats almost finished.

(good bye and so long)
….. morning comes, its time to face reality, you can stay and face the awkwardness or you can quietly get dressed and leave. You decide on the latter, you leave a little note – good bye and so long x

Great description of this chillout album!

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Arietys – Humanité


Arietys - Humanité

I wanted this album full with feelings and humanity in the form of a voyage varied in the rates/rhythms and sonorities. I wanted that that resembles a compilation of various electro kinds like a great musical voyage, one moment of escape spiritual in the heart from your emotions in the life from the every day.Although it is electro music, I wished that people feel and live the true life through my harmonies; joy, sadness, happiness, bitterness and love. Short good far from the usually felted and surface universe of the Clubs. I thus propose to you to share with me the emotions which I tested by composing these instrumental musics and a happy voyage in “Humanity” wishes you…

Well, Arietys, you did it.

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