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Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

Sonic MysteryGreat Moves (by-nc-nd)

Sonic Mystery - Great Moves

Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

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Some songs are quite groovy! I liked it. Sonic Mystery begins on the opening track and gets mixed with groovy beat&bass, industrial-like electro and jazzy-disco.

Great Moves (2009)

  1. Great moves (2:54)
  2. Easy going (1:46)
  3. Black sheep (2:27)
  4. Stay tuned (2:42)
  5. You can do it (2:00)
  6. Lioness (1:28)
  7. Lost in space (2:16)
  8. Orgasmic waves (1:38)


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Roger Subirana – Point of no return

Roger SubiranaPoint of no return (by-nc-nd)

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

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Point of no return is a diversified album with very pleasant “film music” songs. It is one of the Jamendo hits, with more than 140000 listens, almost 10000 downloads, and 107 reviews. Most songs are instrumental with piano and electronic arrangements and some have cool vocal inserts. Really good. Watch Roger Subirana playing the song Island of Light, included in Point of no return, and visit the links for more info.




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The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

Volume 9

The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

Download ZIP

Long time since last post, but I’m slowly crawling out again. The reason is the nice compilation you are seeing above, The Silent Ballet IX. A few days ago I was attracted to hiddenplacemusic, via twitter, and read his review of this compilation. It was just what I need, some quiet delicate ambient songs!

I highly recommend the artists featured in this release! I specially liked the tunes Mehr als alles andere (Bersarin Quartett) and Telling Time (Redhooker). There is also a song from Bosques de mi Mente, which appeared here some time ago.

So, enjoy the songs!

  1. Nulla DesiderataThe Dead Sea
  2. FokOlafur Arnalds
  3. GlitchAnoice
  4. Mehr Als Alles AndereBersarin Quartett
  5. FecundaEmanuele Errante
  6. AtlanticPeter Broderick
  7. The Social Evening (In 1992)The Abbasi Brothers
  8. DorisSumner McKane
  9. I SurrenderCam Butler
  10. Telling TimeRedhooker
  11. Nubes Apiladas en Forma de MontaasBosques de mi Mente
  12. Conversation PieceRudi Arapahoe
  13. Sketches from MemoryJoe Frawley



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d’incise – Les Restes du Fentin

d’inciseLes Restes du Fentin


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Sometimes I feel like listening to music I already know. The satisfaction of predicting each song’s fate is powerful. Different, but equally enjoyable, is the taste of new music. It defies our brain processing capabilities, until it solves the patterns. The music then, becomes known. Sometimes, however, it is not easy to process the music, it might have unusual combinations, or too many elements which force ourselves to run over a few (or a lot) of details. There lies the joy. Hovering for the details, not random, but unexpected. Unexpected and yet, beautiful.

  1. Contagieuse
  2. Les absents ont souvent raison de l’être (w/ Bluermutt)
  3. La décompostion de l’oisillon
  4. Critique contre fausse pensée (w/ Lena)
  5. L’autre liberté sans moi
  6. La peur du guide
  7. Objets inutils pouvant servir (w/ Hopen)
  8. Everything is do dupy
  9. Vacances inversées
  10. Néanmoins les chiottes sont toujours trop loin
  11. Ceux qui vivent des miettes
  12. Marché aux puces (w/ Monsieur Connard)
  13. Politique pierogis
  14. La seconde vie de vos déchets (w/ Ibakusha)

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Jikkenteki – Flights Of Infinity

JikkentekiFlights Of Infinity


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Ektoplazm, a fully featured psy trance site and netlabel, released in March’08 Jikkenteki‘s second album, Flights Of Infinity. The album is a dense trip into psy featuring long tracks with that crescendo feeling leading the way. Nice dark listening for late hours!

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Animal Style – What is Species?

Animal StyleWhat is Species?

What is Species

There are 2 questions you should not ask a biologist… The first one is “what is life?“. Theoretically, biologists would have the answer for this simple question, it is life they are studying after all… However, if you do ask this question you will certainly not get a precise answer. “What is Species?” is even more confusing, there are dozens of definitions. Each biologist makes up his own definition that reflects and fits his studies. However, since life is an extremely diverse phenomena, why would we have to dictate a single definition for species? Maybe the answers are in music.

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The Pluteus Trip!

Pluteus larvaPlutei are born in the seawater. They represent a specific life stage (larva) of some marine invertebrates, the Echinoderms. Most of them are less than 1mm long, so tiny that inertial forces are dominated by viscous forces of the water. Just imagine if air was honey and we had to go for a walk… Plutei can swim and feed in this environment using their long arms and cilia. However, Plutei are ephemeral. They swim (and eat) for weeks or maybe months, before something else takes place. Currents can take them really far away from the place they were born. Millions of Plutei are born at once. How many would survive? How many would be thousands of miles away? How many would get proper food and not be eaten? Plutei carry the tissue of adults inside them. The food they eat, goes to adult tissues. In the end, the adult in formation takes over the larval body and the Pluteus is gone.

Plutei are part of the ocean’s hidden life. Organisms we can’t see easily, but that certainly got in between our toes when walking along the beach, or were swallowed during a swim… Its crazy and different “life” inspired the first compilation of songs from ccNeLaS, The Pluteus Trip. Download and listen, hope you like it! Go to the compilation page or continue below.

The Pluteus Trip - frontThe Pluteus Trip - back

Download ZIP file (~114 MB)

  1. Autonarkose (4:05) | My First TrumpetFrerk
  2. Jello Television (1:22) | Scrambled MacheMusic for People Who Don’t Like Music
  3. Peregum (4:58) | AXIALSenóide
  4. Woman beat box (1:32) | JadeAnalogic
  5. Goof (4:12) | BinärpilotDefrag
  6. Beyond The Moon (7:26) | FeldFunkerBeyond The Moon
  7. Orbital Movement (6:19) | Frank MolderCome With Me
  8. indélédébile (3:32) | LEGOindélédébile
  9. Don’t walk on the grass ! (4:26) | kaapadTANGRAM
  10. bewusst sein (4:56) | henri.pettersonpart of me
  11. Appointment (5:31) | MonokleIdeas Aloud
  12. Black Box (5:58) | LunarHybrid Awaken
  13. Clouds Fly As I Smile (4:15) | SaReGaMa4D Reality
  14. Another One (4:56) | WindpearlI love you a bit…
  15. Semi-Atomic Breeze (3:20) | SalmonraptorChronic Underestimation
  16. Particule (4:28) | SilenceL’autre endroit

please report any problems to me!


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ElectroLatrine – Water Closet Electronic Music Project – Part 1

ElectroLatrineWater Closet Electronic Music Project – Part 1


bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

Simply amazing!!! Great uptempo compositions with melodic hooks and groovy bass lines. Songs are very catchy and dance-able :-). Visit the ElectroLatrine. Hope there is a “Part 2” being prepared!

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FeldFunker – Beyond the Moon

FeldFunkerBeyond the Moon

Kreislauf 020

flac and ogg tracks | mp3

Some nice electronics. It is cool, dense, hypnotic, well balanced with experimental textures. There is a review at Net-Label Review blog.

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Monokle – Ideas Aloud

Monokle – Ideas Aloud


Monokle created some melodic tracks fusing synths with a bit of piano and guitar. There is also a stranger experimental feeling in some songs, quite nice!

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