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Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

MP3 (320 kbps) ZIP + PDF Booklet [exclusive]

This a very special album for me. It was recorded my cousin Matias with his band, Mo County (now extinct), and released in 2001. At the time I was playing bass everyday, trying to record my own songs and starting my biology course. I think it was the groove that got me.

It sounded so modern, slightly epic with a touch of experimental, that it messed up with my music taste permanently. I think after 2001 anything I did, musically, had (and still has) a bit of Fuzz.

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County was a band from Potomac, MD that existed in various forms from 1998 – 2004.
Release Date: 2001
Length: 48:07

Synopsis (written by Matias)

This was the album we started in high school and since we had no idea what the hell we were doing (production-wise) it took us 2 years to finish. For those who understand these things: we recorded it on a Roland VS1680; a standalone music workstation with absolutely terrible editing capabilities. The album was recorded in stages. The first 3 tracks were made by Jesse & I using samplers because we didn’t have a drummer. The summer after we graduated from high school we did all the preliminary tracking. The next year was spent making something cohesive out of our limited initial recording session. It was quite an endeavor and although we’ve come a long way since then we will always be proud of our work. It really is the most ambitious album ever made by a bunch of high school kids with no recording experience whatsoever.

The musicians who wrote/played on this record are: Matias Vellutini (Bass, Guitar, Vox, Programming), Jesse Parmet (Guitar, Keyboards), Aaron Segal (Guitar), Justin Mervis (Keyboards, Vox), and Joey Parmet (Drums). additional vocals were provided by Patricio Ray on “In the Words” and “Jam Song”

  1. Jizzfunk (4:35)
  2. Big Boy Spooks (4:33)
  3. Too Much Marijuana (3:26)
  4. Fuzz Lightyear (7:08)
  5. Jana & Jared (4:17)
  6. Mixed Communications (3:54)
  7. 2Gs (4:41)
  8. In the Words (4:38)
  9. Supaman California (4:31)
  10. Intro (2:26)
  11. Jam Song (4:28)



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Móveis Coloniais de Acaju – Idem

Móveis Coloniais de AcajuIdem

album page | MP3 zip (~47mb) | buy this album

A friend of mine introduced me to this band from Brasília in late 2006. Their songs are simply crazy. A creative mix between rock, ska, samba, swing, and eastern European sounds. It is the kind of music you can (and will) repeatedly sing along with the vocals and with the instrumental part. I can say that after listening to their album “Idem” for 1,5 years, I’m still able to go from São Sebastião (where I work) to São Paulo (about 2h30 trip) happily singing their songs along the way…

Móveis Coloniais de Acaju

Yesterday I finally got the chance to see them live! And they are great. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (could be translated as Colonial furniture made of a mahogany-like wood) is composed of 10 skilled musicians that create a spectacular atmosphere on stage, always dancing and interacting with their audience. During the song Copacabana (one of their hits), the crowd opens up a circle and most of the band (with their instruments) get off the stage to play the song’s instrumental interlude with their fans. After they are absorbed by the crowd (and still playing the song’s climax) they magically re-appear on stage! Crazy.

They have released an official music video of the song Seria o Rolex?, you can watch it below.


Also, there are tons of fan videos with them playing live, here.

As many growing independent bands from all over the world, Móveis Coloniais de Acaju know the importance of their fans and the internet to spread their music. Each musician post entries to their weblog, songs are available for download on the official site and you can also buy a hard copy of the album Idem at Amazon. You will find them at MySpace (where you can read André Abujamra‘s description of the band).

Please world, listen!

Móveis Coloniais de Acaju – Idem

01 – Perca Peso
02 – Seria o Rolex?
03 – Aluga-se-vende
04 – Copacabana
05 – Menina Moça
06 – Cego
07 – Esquilo Não Samba
08 – E Agora, Gregório?
09 – Swing Hum e Meio
10 – Do Mesmo Ar
11 – Sadô-Masô
12 – Receio do Remorso


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Laços (Ties)

This Brazilian short film won the Project Direct challenge from YouTube, two weeks ago. It is so nice that I decided to post it here…! The theme song “Australia” was composed by Clarice (actress) and produced by Ricco Viana. Very soft melody and flowing acoustic guitar. Watch it here or below, listen to the song!


Australia | mp3

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The Pluteus Trip!

Pluteus larvaPlutei are born in the seawater. They represent a specific life stage (larva) of some marine invertebrates, the Echinoderms. Most of them are less than 1mm long, so tiny that inertial forces are dominated by viscous forces of the water. Just imagine if air was honey and we had to go for a walk… Plutei can swim and feed in this environment using their long arms and cilia. However, Plutei are ephemeral. They swim (and eat) for weeks or maybe months, before something else takes place. Currents can take them really far away from the place they were born. Millions of Plutei are born at once. How many would survive? How many would be thousands of miles away? How many would get proper food and not be eaten? Plutei carry the tissue of adults inside them. The food they eat, goes to adult tissues. In the end, the adult in formation takes over the larval body and the Pluteus is gone.

Plutei are part of the ocean’s hidden life. Organisms we can’t see easily, but that certainly got in between our toes when walking along the beach, or were swallowed during a swim… Its crazy and different “life” inspired the first compilation of songs from ccNeLaS, The Pluteus Trip. Download and listen, hope you like it! Go to the compilation page or continue below.

The Pluteus Trip - frontThe Pluteus Trip - back

Download ZIP file (~114 MB)

  1. Autonarkose (4:05) | My First TrumpetFrerk
  2. Jello Television (1:22) | Scrambled MacheMusic for People Who Don’t Like Music
  3. Peregum (4:58) | AXIALSenóide
  4. Woman beat box (1:32) | JadeAnalogic
  5. Goof (4:12) | BinärpilotDefrag
  6. Beyond The Moon (7:26) | FeldFunkerBeyond The Moon
  7. Orbital Movement (6:19) | Frank MolderCome With Me
  8. indélédébile (3:32) | LEGOindélédébile
  9. Don’t walk on the grass ! (4:26) | kaapadTANGRAM
  10. bewusst sein (4:56) | henri.pettersonpart of me
  11. Appointment (5:31) | MonokleIdeas Aloud
  12. Black Box (5:58) | LunarHybrid Awaken
  13. Clouds Fly As I Smile (4:15) | SaReGaMa4D Reality
  14. Another One (4:56) | WindpearlI love you a bit…
  15. Semi-Atomic Breeze (3:20) | SalmonraptorChronic Underestimation
  16. Particule (4:28) | SilenceL’autre endroit

please report any problems to me!


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Aygan – Plastic City

[beware: self-promotional content]

AyganPlastic City
Aygan - Plastic City

bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

So, this is my band’s first demo release! It is a mix of hard rock, metal, and groove… Please, grab the files, drop me a line, leave a comment, review it… tell me what you think, any kind of feedback is welcome, really! For more info about the band you can visit myspace, Last.fm or the official website.


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Camerata Brasileira – Deixa Assim…

Camerata BrasileiraDeixa Assim…

Camerata Brasileira - Deixa Assim...

bit torrent or emule | ogg | mp3

Very nice Brazilian music released a week ago at Jamendo! Camerata Brasileira plays the “Choro” (or “Chorinho”) which is a typical style of instrumental music from Brazil. You can read more about Choro here or visit some links at this wikipedia stub.

Camerata Brasileira

Don’t forget to visit their website! There is another album available to download. You can also buy their CDs here.

I leave you with Camerata Brasileira‘s description by Marcello Campos:

Improvisation, choro, swing, jazz, samba, electronic/techno, mutation, tradition, contemporary Brazil, music… just music.

The choro has already been a musical gender, a style, a way of performing… anyway, it has received a series of concepts (and misconcepts) which gave it faces and labels. For Camerata Brasileira, the choro is a celebration of life: more than technique or wisdom, it is knowledge and art, and so being it surpasses music and becomes part of our daily lives. If Camerata performs it in two or three parts, in the correct style, with the adequate structures, anyway… it doesn’t matter. Camerata does it only because it’s music, and that’s what these guys like to do, by an imperative biological or aesthetical need – who knows?

Camerata signs its creations with a personal touch, in which one can identify many of the contributions every one of them slowly brings into the whole. Sources? There are many of them… Maybe all of those cited in the beginning of this text.

Their nowadays repertoire includes pieces by Pixinguinha, Baden Powell, Hermeto Pascoal, Jacob do Bandolim, Sivuca, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Tom Jobim, besides their own pieces. But don’t be surprised if they come out with an unknown composer, a musical freak or a non-ortodox proposal, for their north is music… just music.

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Axial – Senóide


Axial - Senóide


Most beautiful compositions I heard lately… Axial is a Brazilian band that creates delicate songs fusing electronic elements, acoustic instruments and voice. Nicely soft vocals and synth beds get surrounded by subtle glitch effects… songs arrangements are diverse with some improvisations and creative structure of melodic lines. The album Senóide has been released this year and will be available at their website until it get to the stores. You can also listen to their music at Last.fm.

Here are a couple of videos of them playing live! Very nice!




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Using WordPress tags and categories!

Eta CarinaeEcos (from netBloc Vol7)

CategoriesOne of the major changes in ccnelas was in its organization. Previously I had some playlists around and music genres were dedicated to them. Albums had there own “albums of the week” tag, all of them. It wasn’t good at all. Besides that, all post titles had something like “Album! 1st Week of July 2007”, bad…!

Now I changed post titles to artist and album names, which is much better visibility for their music, and changed the embedded player for a picture, since very few people seem to use that (and it was stripped by most feed readers). Now you are getting an image taste of the sound, and not just a bitter plain text!

But for me the coolest feature was to put in use the recent differentiation between tags and categories, made by WordPress (see FAQ). Each album is included in at least one category and at most three. They reflect, generally, the album music style, a not creative commons way to classify… You can now easily browse thru categories!

TagsEach post has been marked with a tag for its license (e.g. by-sa or art libre…), country of origin of the artist/band (e.g. Brazil) and where the album has been published (i.e. name of the netlabel or website).

Now you can easily define ccnelas as a blog with a lot of electronica, french artists from Jamendo and music licensed under by-nc-nd! Coool.

Let’s see how these tags and categories will evolve now… and common people, let others remix your music!

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Gerador Zero – #!/bin/bash

Gerador Zero#!/bin/bash


Excellent tracks by GeradorZero! Good to listen loud.

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Irreversíveis – H.G. Wells

IrreversíveisH.G. Wells

IrreversÃveis - H.G. Wells

Some things are irreversible, some say…, lonely people in big cities… happiness junkies… This album has a touch of mistery, it evokes the nostalgic feeling when we think about time, specially old days, or just about the irreversibity of time.

The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn.

The Discovery of the Future (1901)

We were making the future,” he said, “and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!”

When The Sleeper Wakes (1899)

H.G. Wells created the perfect atmosphere for H.G. Wells, and vice-versa. I would dare say its a very original way of rock, full of samples and electronic inserts, that helps with the science fiction mood!
The Irreversíveis are from Rio de Janeiro and can be found at myspace (including videos!) and thru their personal site where you can see some photos and their music files (also thru Jamendo!).

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