Some news!

Jamendo has released its whole universe at Netvibes
You can now surf thru all Jamendo features including albuns and tags plus a lot of music blogs, artists blogs, Jamendo related content from other services like technorati, flickr or and also creative commons content.
These are the default features that come within Jamendo’s universe which are completely customizable as netvibes always been! Very neat play by Jamendo and Netvibes!

Playlists from ccNeLaS hosted on WebJay will not be updated no more. They will still be working, but no new songs will be added unfortunately. If you feel like listening them please refer to this link. I decided to keep the NeLaS’s ccHits playlist, which features all songs of other playlists and its a nice way for anybody to add a song here. It might be better this way, separating songs into genres is not very healthy I guess… Jamendo Hits will also continue to exist and is the most updated one featuring today 540 songs from best albuns I listened from Jamendo.

NeLaS music has been blogged! You can check out Sonho a Vida on the very nice Free Music Podcast (including a short interview about free licenses in german and english)

netBloc 6 is out! Do you feel someone is maniacally toying with your listening habits?

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