netBloc Volume 2 is out!

Today the second edition of blocSonic was released!

Within the same pattern established in the first volume, this one comes with a high quality booklet, art and songs, of course 🙂 Songs are quite diverse making it a good compilation to be listened for a long time! You know when you feel you need to work the songs out, really listen to them?

That was my first impression, after listening about 3 times to this great selection!

The booklet comes with an introductory text by blocSonic’s creator Michael Gregoire with some thoughts about pricing in the music industry, which is worth reading. Do you think .99 cents/track is a fair price?

You can read it here, or wait until it is published at blocSonic (I believe this is going to happen shortly).

This came in a good time with Steve Jobs announcement about taking down DRM system of iTunes. This declaration was well discussed in many places, but I think there is an excellent review by Remixtures. Read it here and here!

Good listening!

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