More updates!

If you are fast you may have already noticed the changes!

First is the new domain, something I should have done a long time ago… now it is working!

Ok, second change is a small one, but very important. I added other free culture initiatives, so that I don’t keep my head from restricting to cc licenses. There are other open access material that are authorized by their creators to be shared and taken, but for diverse reasons they are not licensed thru cc, maybe someday they will be, but today they are free to be here!

Since you are here to find some good stuff I created a custom search from Google’s co-op engine to find some free music!!!
I have added websites that hosts this type of material so that you get a specific results for your queries (now the search looks in 33 sites with free music)! I have tested a few times and it looks very cool, with lots of music coming off!
For this search engine to be perfect I definitely need help!

If you have/know a website or blog with cc licensed (or other initiatives 🙂 music, please send it to, or If you think you have a lot to help for this search engine register yourself as a volunteer at ccMusicSearch!

I’m trying to find other search engines for cc material (that I know they exist) but can’t find it now! Anyone?

ups, just found it! in the most obvious place: CC Search and the cool Owl 😀

(ps: new music coming soon!)


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