La Plus Belle Guerre

The 3rd netBloc came out this last friday inciting the audio revolution!!!

What we’re currently witnessing IS the most beautiful war. A war for the ears of music lovers worldwide. A war between the RIAA/Major music industry and it’s former and soon-to-be former customers. The revolution has been digitized.

Mike‘s point regards the recent explosion of netlabels, blogs, podcasts, and communities with the common purpose of playing and hosting free-licensed music. Songs for you to listen, download and share without licensing restrictions or costs. And obviously no DRM.

You see, there’s a revolution brewing and those who cling to the dinosaur that is the major music-industry will not be able to compete against the new crop of online broadcasters who are going to go the CC/open-license route.

What is the revolution?

There is source material produced by the artists, the whole creativity of the planet, in potential. These artists now have a good strategy to spread their work, which is using free-to-share licenses and the net. They can rely in this strategy because now there is a good infrastructure for hosting and promoting songs, albuns, compilations, and they don’t even need to host your own website (although its recommended…:-). Customers can now listen directly from the artist, thru the communities hosting music, or thru filters like netlabels and blogs. Artists still hold their rights and can release their materials thru different ways.

This means customers can get music from all over the world thru different sources, implying in higher diversity of sounds reaching our minds. And that is wonderful and inspiring.

The revolution is the collaborative network formed and sustained by all of us, people.

Above all the formalities and discussions on which is the truly-free-license to use, the important thing is that a culture of collaboration and sharing is emerging.

Can a few hundreds of people who care too much about earnings and too little about art cope with that? I think not.

ps: i love how netBlocs booklet’s editorials are inflammable! And by the way, great songs again!

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