Jamendo is sharing revenue!

JamendoJamendo has launched today its new program for increasing the diffusion of free music (under Creative Commons licenses)!!!

For those who don’t know, Jamendo is a website where artists can upload their songs to be listen and downloaded for free! But why is that good for the artists???

Having your album there is a fantastic way of spreading your art around the globe! People get to know you, and you get opportunities! Play live, get hired somewhere, sell your hard copies cds, etc… People also can donate money to you! And lots of people do (not for me, yet ;)!

All good stuff. As you may have noticed, ccNeLaS has lots of Jamendo’s content and widgets!

But what is this new program about?

Jamendo is supported by Google AdSense and by a small fraction of artist’s donations. Now it is taking half of the earnings thru AdSense and giving it to the artists!!! This half is divided with all artists signed in the program proportionally to album pageviews of each artist.

It is a mindbreaking feature for me, since most websites give nothing to the artists who upload songs there. Also, it bends our society’s pro-profit way-of-life valuing the artists work even more, in a nice way!

It is good for the artists, who can earn a few bucks more if their album are visited a lot!
It is good for Jamendo, since this feature may increase their visitors very quickly!
It is a nice open business model that can be improved overtime!
Free Culture phylosophy starting to make a little bit of money!

I’m excited, but I have to remember that this is only a 3 months experimental test… let’s see what happens! Listen and support good free music!


more info about this new feature here and here.

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