Innvivo – Maquette


Innvivo - Maquette

Three very funky-live-jazz performances (or would it be jazzy-funk?)! Really good listening!

These four well talented French kids surely have some music to show the world and their strategy seems to be up-to-date with today’s self-promotion opportunities available thru the web. They have a complete website with a player, news, members info, video and audio downloads and even a forum for feedback/discussions. They released a few songs on Jamendo and have live performances recorded on video. Pretty cool!

[dailymotion id=1DEjItKSuayKOfpp9]
innvivo 03 this noise
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For those interested on a live performance they will be playing on the Fête de la Musique at Saint Quentin de Baron, France. For more information please visit the official site!

[thanks to Ju Roscito for pointing this out!]

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