Free Music Project ! has announced the beginning of a library of the best free music the web has to offer! And they need help!

It is called the Free Music Project and they are looking for any kind of music, from any culture, anywhere, as long as it is available under a collaborative sharing license, such as Creative Commons.

Building a library of freely licensed work is our way of not only helping people discover new songs and share their favorites with others, but also providing a free-content base to help them jumpstart their own creativity.

The no-profit record label/recording collective from Boston/Cambridge, Antenna Alliance is also involved in the project, providing free recording to musicians.

The first partner of this library will be the One Laptop per Child project (OLPC). Songs uploaded to the Free Music Project will be selected and included in the first music library shipping with laptops from OLPC. These songs are expected to represent the world cultural diversity and will be the immediate source for these children to listen, experiment, remix, etc!

The deadline for the OLPC project is 1st of april, but they advise to upload the earlier the better. So, if you are a musician this is a nice opportunity to spread your music!

Remember you are encouraged to upload any song that you like (love!), you don’t need to own the song, it just need to have a free-license! But what if you like an “All rights reserved” song? They suggest you to contact the artist and talk about this project, maybe they would like to collaborate.

Check out the FAQ from the Free Music Project for more information!

We know you love music. We know you love free music.

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