First Post!

Now that I have some songs to show, this blog has officially started!!!

Since I’m only one person (at least I believe so…:) I’ll do what I can to keep everything working and with fresh content all the time!

Playlists are organized by posts and, at least for a while, there will be only one post for each genre.


Playlists Quick Menu can be acessed in the sidebar and should be very useful! Here is what happens when you click the following links:

feed –> want to know when a song has been added to this playlist?!? click here to get rss feeds for individual playlists or open it as a podcast.”Playlist name” –> opens the specific post that contains this playlist. There you can listen thru a flash player, get info from each song from the playlist and download them!

m3u” –> stream playlist .m3u file from your desktop player!

source” –> clicking here leads you to my playlist page, most of them to Webjay. There you have all different playlists formats to stream this playlist and many other options!


You can stream or listen to All! playlist, which contains all songs I have already selected. This playlist is generated by NeLaS’s ccHits website, the database behind ccNeLaS blog.

If you would like a song (or your song) to be included here (ccNeLaS) go to NeLaS’s ccHits and add it there! Your song will be automatically added to “All!” playlist and as soon as I can I will added to some genre playlist here in ccNeLaS.

Your collaboration is very welcome!!!

IMPORTANT: You can only add songs that are explicitly licensed under Creative Commons licenses, otherwise they can’t be added to NeLaS’s ccHits. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go to Creative Commons homepage and discover a world of free culture!

Any doubts, questions, suggestions, thoughts, etc… I can always be reached thru this website or ccnelas at organelas dot com

Visit my official homepage at

cheers, and enjoy free and nice music!



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3 Responses to First Post!

  1. Anonymous

    Nao se esqueça de incluir o Soundclick (mais de 200 mil música em CC) e o Overmixter!!!

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