Feed me remixed

Ever wanted to get tons of great, downloadable, headacheless, and shareable songs in your email inbox or news reader?

I’m here to promote a new feed from ccnelas… I did some experiments in feed aggregation here and there, and I think I found a nice solution right under my big nose.

Crazy and effective, I like it! You may like it too!

Now you can subscribe to (ccnelas.org) + (ccnelas playlists) = feed or by email
(this means you get posts and updated music from all playlists here!)

Alternatively you can subscribe to (ccnelas.org) = feed or by email
(this means you get only posts)

And of course you can still subscribe to any specific playlist you would like to track. You know where to do this!

EDITED: After some mindstorm I decided to take the poster out! I don’t like to edit posts very much, but some things do more harm than good and maybe this poster was the case! Thanks to Miguel for the comments! If you still want to see it, go here, but I strongly recommend to read two iCommons discussions afterwards, A Letter to the Commons and Open Content and Piracy .

Just to cheer things up…:

The poster above is a remix. I’ll grant with a high quality .ogg file of a great independent brazilian band (that will be featured here soon), the first person to find out what was the original picture about… it is easy… 🙂

ps: you can still guess where the original came from, though 😉

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