DA CHIP! 8bit Daft Punk music


That’s a great fun project! Transforming a bunch of Daft Punk songs into chiptunes. Honors to Je deviens dj en 3 jours for creating this. There are also bonus tracks available!

Visit the official website.

[edit! The official website was taken down until Daft Punk gives it official permission to exist! See here.]

Download the compilation! (temporarily disabled, try mirror)

I find amazing how people can make live music with video games.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/3128683]


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5 Responses to DA CHIP! 8bit Daft Punk music

  1. robzn

    hej, found your site through a friend and wanted to hear the result of that wonderfull idea to make daft punk in 8 bit. but unfortunatly the zip can’t be downloaded. please re-up it or can you send me a link where i can find that zip? thank you very much!!

  2. Hello, I updated the post! Try the mirror to download the album.


  3. Fernando SM

    Cara, esse moleque é incrível!!! hahaha, muito bom!

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  5. dont wanna downloading video anymore as i’m afraid of virus attached on it…