Cool Songs

Last Saturday my mom asked me to put up a playlist to her birthday party. She said she’d like something “lounge”, just some music to be playing while people chat. Former parties immediately stormed into my mind. Not really nice memories. People, usually, don’t like music I like, they think its weird, they think it’s bad, they ask me to change it, please.

Me: I don’t have any cool songs, mom.
Mom: Of course you have. Just put on anything and it will be ok.

There I went to choose some songs… disbelieving I would find any. Choices were obvious and in less then 10 minutes I had 2 days and 15 hours ready to play for the next 4 hours. I started to believe.

I set up the equipment and let it go randomly. Whooa. It was nice. Music was really nice. I really had cool songs to play.

About 60% of the artists have already appeared here, including Vate, Anawin, …and nobody cared, Antony Raijekov, Axial, ElectroLatrine, fonetik, Jade, Lunar, Oprachina, Philippe Mangold, Jonathan Rickert, SaReGaMa, Silence and Triplexity.

The night was good and I was really enjoying the random music.

However, after the cake the cold and sad reality started to show up. People asked me what is this music. People said it is weird. Some people asked to change it, please. People asked for some music they knew. People wanted to know where did I get these songs. Maybe it was the sugar.

It’s ok, they never liked it anyway. Still, they listened for some time.
And then I went off to see some furniture.

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  1. hehe, i can relate! i’ll spend hours creating the perfect playlist of cool chillout netaudio tracks for a party, and then someone turns it off and puts on some Kelly Clarkson…