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Roger Subirana – Point of no return

Roger SubiranaPoint of no return (by-nc-nd)

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

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Point of no return is a diversified album with very pleasant “film music” songs. It is one of the Jamendo hits, with more than 140000 listens, almost 10000 downloads, and 107 reviews. Most songs are instrumental with piano and electronic arrangements and some have cool vocal inserts. Really good. Watch Roger Subirana playing the song Island of Light, included in Point of no return, and visit the links for more info.




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kARHu – Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword

kARHuSinfonia For The Blunt Sword

kARHu - Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword

kARHu - Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword

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This album is a masterpiece! Based on and initially conceived for being an alternative soundtrack for the science-fiction movie Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, the movements have complex and original arrangements. A mixture of orchestral elements with glitch, soft synth beds and spoken words, urban and cinematographic atmosphere… Each song has a rich diversity of sounds and moods, but are well connected under a common theme that excites your imagination!

Ok, no more written words, take your time and enjoy!

kARHu – Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword

  1. Ouverture
  2. Newtopia – Movement I
  3. Intermezzo I – Movement I
  4. Papertiger – Movement I
  5. Lilac – Movement I
  6. Entr’acte I
  7. March – Movement II
  8. Vakuum (feat. Audio88) – Movement II
  9. Intermezzo II – Movement II
  10. Butterfly – Movement II
  11. Yellow – Movement II
  12. Princess – Movement II
  13. Entr’acte II
  14. Gateway – Movement III
  15. Velvet – Movement III
  16. Sine (feat. Sandklang) – Movement III
  17. Intermezzo III – Movement III
  18. Archways – Movement III
  19. Coverture


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The Pluteus Trip!

Pluteus larvaPlutei are born in the seawater. They represent a specific life stage (larva) of some marine invertebrates, the Echinoderms. Most of them are less than 1mm long, so tiny that inertial forces are dominated by viscous forces of the water. Just imagine if air was honey and we had to go for a walk… Plutei can swim and feed in this environment using their long arms and cilia. However, Plutei are ephemeral. They swim (and eat) for weeks or maybe months, before something else takes place. Currents can take them really far away from the place they were born. Millions of Plutei are born at once. How many would survive? How many would be thousands of miles away? How many would get proper food and not be eaten? Plutei carry the tissue of adults inside them. The food they eat, goes to adult tissues. In the end, the adult in formation takes over the larval body and the Pluteus is gone.

Plutei are part of the ocean’s hidden life. Organisms we can’t see easily, but that certainly got in between our toes when walking along the beach, or were swallowed during a swim… Its crazy and different “life” inspired the first compilation of songs from ccNeLaS, The Pluteus Trip. Download and listen, hope you like it! Go to the compilation page or continue below.

The Pluteus Trip - frontThe Pluteus Trip - back

Download ZIP file (~114 MB)

  1. Autonarkose (4:05) | My First TrumpetFrerk
  2. Jello Television (1:22) | Scrambled MacheMusic for People Who Don’t Like Music
  3. Peregum (4:58) | AXIALSenóide
  4. Woman beat box (1:32) | JadeAnalogic
  5. Goof (4:12) | BinärpilotDefrag
  6. Beyond The Moon (7:26) | FeldFunkerBeyond The Moon
  7. Orbital Movement (6:19) | Frank MolderCome With Me
  8. indélédébile (3:32) | LEGOindélédébile
  9. Don’t walk on the grass ! (4:26) | kaapadTANGRAM
  10. bewusst sein (4:56) | henri.pettersonpart of me
  11. Appointment (5:31) | MonokleIdeas Aloud
  12. Black Box (5:58) | LunarHybrid Awaken
  13. Clouds Fly As I Smile (4:15) | SaReGaMa4D Reality
  14. Another One (4:56) | WindpearlI love you a bit…
  15. Semi-Atomic Breeze (3:20) | SalmonraptorChronic Underestimation
  16. Particule (4:28) | SilenceL’autre endroit

please report any problems to me!


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Windpearl – I love you a bit…

WindpearlI love you a bit…

I love you a bit...

Quite dark tracks. There is a noir cyberpunk feeling in the air…


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Bosques de mi Mente – Trenes de Juguete

Bosques de mi MenteTrenes de Juguete

Trenes de Juguete

Classical ambient music with an amazing beauty of sounds. Reminds me of Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen.

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Ricar – 1-Abaco


Ricar (aka Ricardo Aguilar) is a sculptor and self-taught guitar player from Spain. I first heard his songs thru myspace and now I’m gladly putting his album as this week’s choice!


Ricar’s 1-Abaco ranges from experimental to progressive rock, passing thru new age and cinematic music. Synth elements, piano, drums, and his guitar create the environment for the songs! For more information and other places to listen check out his blog here.

Good listening!

[edit]The album is no longer available. Check his blog for news[/edit]

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Evan – Rever… Peut-etre…

EvanRever… Peut-etre…

Evan - Rever... Peut-etre...

Wonderful “musique de film” album with a variety of sounds and rhythms to be explored! What I like about this type of music is how it makes you “see” the soundwaves constructing a clearly nitid image…!

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Embryonica – Where Have All The Weird Days Gone?

EmbryonicaWhere Have All The Weird Days Gone?

Embryonica - Where Have All The Weird Days Gone?

This album shows a creative mix of organic and electronic sounds within a film-music environment… This means no boundaries of sounds!I specially liked the melodic interceptions that changes the directions of each song! And everything always have this good nostalgic feeling of bringing back the weird days!

Nice experimental work, I definitely like music like this!

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Lunar – Hybrid Awaken

LunarHybrid Awaken

Lunar - Hybrid Awaken

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Very original songs in this album! Its a mixture of electronic and cinematic music, with lots of experimental elements! Extremely cool!

Lunar is also promoting a remix contest for one of the songs, called The Unknown ending by march 31! There is still time to re-create. Check out some info on Lunar’s blog post and at Concord Designs.

thanks to Kanamura

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Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

So, what’s the catch with Web 2.0?

We are.

Esplendid editing work from Digital Ethnography and definitely inspiring soundtrack with There’s nothing impossible from Deus. Good choice!

Deus tracks can be listened in the “Jamendo Albunsfeed on the last 24th of january!

or listen here.

video tip by Birmann

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