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Intensive Care – All The People Hear With Me

Intensive CareAll The People Hear With Me

Intensive Care

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Intensive Care is a colorful band with some colorful tunes. Their last release, an EP called All The People Hear With Me, has 2 nicely laid songs with some quite original arrangements. You might listen to Sirenhorses to understand what I mean. I really liked the vocal melodies and how the song develops, grows and fades.

Intensive Care

Below you can read what Intensive Care is… Enjoy!

Intensive Care is not that room in hospitals where patients are treated
Intensive Care is not a handy lotion for dry skins and occasional fantasies
Intensive Care is not a famous British pop sensation’s album name
Intensive Care is not a parking space for oversized hummers
Intensive Care is not made of wood, or plastic
Intensive Care is not an alcoholic beverage
Intensive Care is from Montreal
Intensive Care is a rock band.

SirenhorsesAll The People Hear With Me

Official Website | MySpace | CDBaby

[thanks to Phil]

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All:My:Faults – neo.NøiR



bit torrent MP3 or OGG | zip MP3 or OGG

This release has a unique combination of industrial, dark, gothic, rock and electronica that could please even open-minded soft-music adepts. The music is intense and vocals are very expressive, creating a complex atmosphere based on distorted guitars and synths. Looking at their scrobbles and internet archive downloads they seem to be quite popular nowadays! Worth listening!

They have been sitting on my drafts since Jan 16th, so my apologies for taking so long to post.

  1. Gesenktes Haupt//Geschlossene Augen (mp3|ogg)
  2. Can you hear these footsteps coming upstairs at night? (mp3|ogg)
  3. Perfection is the way it’d go but it doesn’t (mp3|ogg)
  4. Just the fallen again (mp3|ogg)
  5. Encode the apology inside the lies (mp3|ogg)
  6. The course of true love never did run smooth, my dearest (mp3|ogg)
  7. One and other stab wounds destroying a life (mp3|ogg)
  8. Crashed into a spiralworld (mp3|ogg)
  9. You’d better watch out in a forest after midnight (mp3|ogg)
  10. Alles ist gesagt (version 2007) (mp3|ogg)

website | jamendo | archive | afmusic |

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Móveis Coloniais de Acaju – Idem

Móveis Coloniais de AcajuIdem

album page | MP3 zip (~47mb) | buy this album

A friend of mine introduced me to this band from Brasília in late 2006. Their songs are simply crazy. A creative mix between rock, ska, samba, swing, and eastern European sounds. It is the kind of music you can (and will) repeatedly sing along with the vocals and with the instrumental part. I can say that after listening to their album “Idem” for 1,5 years, I’m still able to go from São Sebastião (where I work) to São Paulo (about 2h30 trip) happily singing their songs along the way…

Móveis Coloniais de Acaju

Yesterday I finally got the chance to see them live! And they are great. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (could be translated as Colonial furniture made of a mahogany-like wood) is composed of 10 skilled musicians that create a spectacular atmosphere on stage, always dancing and interacting with their audience. During the song Copacabana (one of their hits), the crowd opens up a circle and most of the band (with their instruments) get off the stage to play the song’s instrumental interlude with their fans. After they are absorbed by the crowd (and still playing the song’s climax) they magically re-appear on stage! Crazy.

They have released an official music video of the song Seria o Rolex?, you can watch it below.


Also, there are tons of fan videos with them playing live, here.

As many growing independent bands from all over the world, Móveis Coloniais de Acaju know the importance of their fans and the internet to spread their music. Each musician post entries to their weblog, songs are available for download on the official site and you can also buy a hard copy of the album Idem at Amazon. You will find them at MySpace (where you can read André Abujamra‘s description of the band).

Please world, listen!

Móveis Coloniais de Acaju – Idem

01 – Perca Peso
02 – Seria o Rolex?
03 – Aluga-se-vende
04 – Copacabana
05 – Menina Moça
06 – Cego
07 – Esquilo Não Samba
08 – E Agora, Gregório?
09 – Swing Hum e Meio
10 – Do Mesmo Ar
11 – Sadô-Masô
12 – Receio do Remorso


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Aygan – Plastic City

[beware: self-promotional content]

AyganPlastic City
Aygan - Plastic City

bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

So, this is my band’s first demo release! It is a mix of hard rock, metal, and groove… Please, grab the files, drop me a line, leave a comment, review it… tell me what you think, any kind of feedback is welcome, really! For more info about the band you can visit myspace, or the official website.


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STEEP – Your Reality

STEEPYour Reality

bit torrent and eMule | ogg | mp3

Recently I organized my music collection and created some playlists to help me out. The consequence was the resurrection of many albums that got lost with time. An example was LEGO, from last post. Your reality is another one. A very sharp rock album, nice energy and textures! STEEP‘s track Let me go was featured in netBloc 5, probably where I first heard of them!

ps: Some biology slowed me down here, but everything should be back to normal in a few days.

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pornophonique – 8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer

bit torrent | ed2k | ogg | mp3

Very creative lo-fi rock band! Nice melodies and video game tunes, for those into it. There is a summary here:

eine gitarre.
ein gameboy.
ein c64.
zwei typen. | two guys
space invaders samples.
lagerfeuergeschrabbel. | something like relaxing in a campfire
gameboygedudel. | spending time with gameboy
auch gesang mit dabei. | sing-along

They have a nice website with videos, music and a lot of stuff to buy (including the sad robot gear). Of course you can’t miss the opportunity to see them live!


(German tips by Fran)

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HYPE – Lies and Speeches

HYPELies and Speeches

HYPE - Lies and Speeches

Good pop-rock album. Listen more!

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Ricar – 1-Abaco


Ricar (aka Ricardo Aguilar) is a sculptor and self-taught guitar player from Spain. I first heard his songs thru myspace and now I’m gladly putting his album as this week’s choice!


Ricar’s 1-Abaco ranges from experimental to progressive rock, passing thru new age and cinematic music. Synth elements, piano, drums, and his guitar create the environment for the songs! For more information and other places to listen check out his blog here.

Good listening!

[edit]The album is no longer available. Check his blog for news[/edit]

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Irreversíveis – H.G. Wells

IrreversíveisH.G. Wells

IrreversÃveis - H.G. Wells

Some things are irreversible, some say…, lonely people in big cities… happiness junkies… This album has a touch of mistery, it evokes the nostalgic feeling when we think about time, specially old days, or just about the irreversibity of time.

The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn.

The Discovery of the Future (1901)

We were making the future,” he said, “and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!”

When The Sleeper Wakes (1899)

H.G. Wells created the perfect atmosphere for H.G. Wells, and vice-versa. I would dare say its a very original way of rock, full of samples and electronic inserts, that helps with the science fiction mood!
The Irreversíveis are from Rio de Janeiro and can be found at myspace (including videos!) and thru their personal site where you can see some photos and their music files (also thru Jamendo!).

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Pangenianos – A Estrada de Seu Zé

PangenianosA Estrada de Seu Zé

Pangenianos - A Estrada de Seu Zé

This beautiful album from the Brazilian band Pangenianos is based upon people from northeast lands of Brazil, where the dry weather makes life not easy at all. Its songs reflects the daily workarounds in this hostile environment…

This album surprised me for the originality of the songs! It is a mixture of regional melodies, experimental musical concepts and a nice instrumental set. Each song has its own identity but they all feel like they belong to the same album 🙂


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