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Drafts, drafts, drafts…

Hey people,

I have received some nice material from emerging bands and just want to tell that I’m working on them. I just could not manage to sit, listen, write and publish the posts yet, but they are on my drafts!

It seems that I’ve been living two lives. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not. 😉

see you soon!


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1 year

Exactly 1 year ago I published the first post of ccnelas 🙂

I prepared a little gift for you to celebrate this date, but due to technical reasons it won’t come out today. Stay tuned, it will be out any time during this week, ASAP!

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Using WordPress tags and categories!

Eta CarinaeEcos (from netBloc Vol7)

CategoriesOne of the major changes in ccnelas was in its organization. Previously I had some playlists around and music genres were dedicated to them. Albums had there own “albums of the week” tag, all of them. It wasn’t good at all. Besides that, all post titles had something like “Album! 1st Week of July 2007”, bad…!

Now I changed post titles to artist and album names, which is much better visibility for their music, and changed the embedded player for a picture, since very few people seem to use that (and it was stripped by most feed readers). Now you are getting an image taste of the sound, and not just a bitter plain text!

But for me the coolest feature was to put in use the recent differentiation between tags and categories, made by WordPress (see FAQ). Each album is included in at least one category and at most three. They reflect, generally, the album music style, a not creative commons way to classify… You can now easily browse thru categories!

TagsEach post has been marked with a tag for its license (e.g. by-sa or art libre…), country of origin of the artist/band (e.g. Brazil) and where the album has been published (i.e. name of the netlabel or website).

Now you can easily define ccnelas as a blog with a lot of electronica, french artists from Jamendo and music licensed under by-nc-nd! Coool.

Let’s see how these tags and categories will evolve now… and common people, let others remix your music!

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Brand new ccNeLaS

Everything should be running smoothly now!

I invite you to have a look at the new ccNeLaS, and send me some comments or suggestions if you like. Hope you enjoy the new style and organization! I’ll update details bit by bit (e.g. links)…


If you are reading this with a feed reader, everything should be alright, if you are visiting the site, and still haven’t subscribed to ccnelas you can do it thru this address:

(ok, this was a test to see if things are working… 😉


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Some news!

Jamendo has released its whole universe at Netvibes
You can now surf thru all Jamendo features including albuns and tags plus a lot of music blogs, artists blogs, Jamendo related content from other services like technorati, flickr or and also creative commons content.
These are the default features that come within Jamendo’s universe which are completely customizable as netvibes always been! Very neat play by Jamendo and Netvibes!

Playlists from ccNeLaS hosted on WebJay will not be updated no more. They will still be working, but no new songs will be added unfortunately. If you feel like listening them please refer to this link. I decided to keep the NeLaS’s ccHits playlist, which features all songs of other playlists and its a nice way for anybody to add a song here. It might be better this way, separating songs into genres is not very healthy I guess… Jamendo Hits will also continue to exist and is the most updated one featuring today 540 songs from best albuns I listened from Jamendo.

NeLaS music has been blogged! You can check out Sonho a Vida on the very nice Free Music Podcast (including a short interview about free licenses in german and english)

netBloc 6 is out! Do you feel someone is maniacally toying with your listening habits?

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WebJay is closing down!

It has been a while that WebJay doesn’t seems to be getting much movement and today I first read an announcement on their website recommending everybody to backup their playlists files because they are going down by the end of June, 2007.

I could not find any information about it and they don’t explain the reasons for the shutdown.

Since most of ccnelas playlists are currently being hosted on Webjay I’ll stop genre playlists updates temporarily, or maybe permanently. I wasn’t having enough time to update them frequently anyway… 🙁

Playlists All and Jamendo Hits will continue normally. I’m going to clean up feeds, and probably shutdown a few of them, but I’ll let you know when changes will be applied.

If you really like a specific feed (other than main site feed) this is the time to tell me!

Other than that, ccnelas will continue to expose free music normally! Keep listening!


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Feed me remixed

Ever wanted to get tons of great, downloadable, headacheless, and shareable songs in your email inbox or news reader?

I’m here to promote a new feed from ccnelas… I did some experiments in feed aggregation here and there, and I think I found a nice solution right under my big nose.

Crazy and effective, I like it! You may like it too!

Now you can subscribe to ( + (ccnelas playlists) = feed or by email
(this means you get posts and updated music from all playlists here!)

Alternatively you can subscribe to ( = feed or by email
(this means you get only posts)

And of course you can still subscribe to any specific playlist you would like to track. You know where to do this!

EDITED: After some mindstorm I decided to take the poster out! I don’t like to edit posts very much, but some things do more harm than good and maybe this poster was the case! Thanks to Miguel for the comments! If you still want to see it, go here, but I strongly recommend to read two iCommons discussions afterwards, A Letter to the Commons and Open Content and Piracy .

Just to cheer things up…:

The poster above is a remix. I’ll grant with a high quality .ogg file of a great independent brazilian band (that will be featured here soon), the first person to find out what was the original picture about… it is easy… 🙂

ps: you can still guess where the original came from, though 😉

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Piped Blogged Music

Yesterday a friend of mine told me about Yahoo!Pipes and I stayed quite some time trying to understand it… well I did not, at least not fully 😛


Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.

so, what I did was:

Put all my feeds from music blogs into this pipe, organize by publication date and publish it!

The result is a monster feed! which I called Blogged Music (see a list of used source websites). If you have a blog that publishes mostly music and it is not listed, write down the feed URL in the comments! Or build your own mega-ultra-monster feed, and you can start by cloning this one!

I’m not really sure if it is working correctly, specially the publication date… and I know there are tons of features that can be added to it, but I decided to go slowly because I simply don’t know how! hehe, but you can try!

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More updates!

If you are fast you may have already noticed the changes!

First is the new domain, something I should have done a long time ago… now it is working!

Ok, second change is a small one, but very important. I added other free culture initiatives, so that I don’t keep my head from restricting to cc licenses. There are other open access material that are authorized by their creators to be shared and taken, but for diverse reasons they are not licensed thru cc, maybe someday they will be, but today they are free to be here!

Since you are here to find some good stuff I created a custom search from Google’s co-op engine to find some free music!!!
I have added websites that hosts this type of material so that you get a specific results for your queries (now the search looks in 33 sites with free music)! I have tested a few times and it looks very cool, with lots of music coming off!
For this search engine to be perfect I definitely need help!

If you have/know a website or blog with cc licensed (or other initiatives 🙂 music, please send it to, or If you think you have a lot to help for this search engine register yourself as a volunteer at ccMusicSearch!

I’m trying to find other search engines for cc material (that I know they exist) but can’t find it now! Anyone?

ups, just found it! in the most obvious place: CC Search and the cool Owl 😀

(ps: new music coming soon!)


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Publicize ccNeLaS!

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

Listen to NeLaS ccMusic - ccNeLaS

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