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Drafts, drafts, drafts…

Hey people,

I have received some nice material from emerging bands and just want to tell that I’m working on them. I just could not manage to sit, listen, write and publish the posts yet, but they are on my drafts!

It seems that I’ve been living two lives. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not. 😉

see you soon!


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Camerata Brasileira – Deixa Assim…

Camerata BrasileiraDeixa Assim…

Camerata Brasileira - Deixa Assim...

bit torrent or emule | ogg | mp3

Very nice Brazilian music released a week ago at Jamendo! Camerata Brasileira plays the “Choro” (or “Chorinho”) which is a typical style of instrumental music from Brazil. You can read more about Choro here or visit some links at this wikipedia stub.

Camerata Brasileira

Don’t forget to visit their website! There is another album available to download. You can also buy their CDs here.

I leave you with Camerata Brasileira‘s description by Marcello Campos:

Improvisation, choro, swing, jazz, samba, electronic/techno, mutation, tradition, contemporary Brazil, music… just music.

The choro has already been a musical gender, a style, a way of performing… anyway, it has received a series of concepts (and misconcepts) which gave it faces and labels. For Camerata Brasileira, the choro is a celebration of life: more than technique or wisdom, it is knowledge and art, and so being it surpasses music and becomes part of our daily lives. If Camerata performs it in two or three parts, in the correct style, with the adequate structures, anyway… it doesn’t matter. Camerata does it only because it’s music, and that’s what these guys like to do, by an imperative biological or aesthetical need – who knows?

Camerata signs its creations with a personal touch, in which one can identify many of the contributions every one of them slowly brings into the whole. Sources? There are many of them… Maybe all of those cited in the beginning of this text.

Their nowadays repertoire includes pieces by Pixinguinha, Baden Powell, Hermeto Pascoal, Jacob do Bandolim, Sivuca, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Tom Jobim, besides their own pieces. But don’t be surprised if they come out with an unknown composer, a musical freak or a non-ortodox proposal, for their north is music… just music.

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What if “In Rainbows” was a Jamendo release?

The following lines are based on scattered data, flawed statistics and biased ideas. The author has no responsibilities over its consequences. It is pure imagination.

As it is widely known, Jamendo shares half of its ads revenue with artists. The amount is calculated based on pageviews of published album. According to my account, the average for the last 7 months in Jamendo was €0.00205/pageview. How many pageviews does has per day? I don’t know.

In Rainbows not In Jamendo

Statbrain says it has 41773 visits per day (with accuracy of 49.9%). As the album’s page at Jamendo are pretty straightforward, a visitor might create around 2 pageviews. If the $/pageview relation above keeps the same average value, Radiohead would get €170.96/day and €5128.74/month. That is 5 times more than the band with most income from Jamendo! You see how Jamendo’s system works indeed thru the audience power.

At Jamendo fans would not be able to “pay what they want” to download “In Rainbows”, because you always download for free. Fans would download it for free without filling forms, fans would get cover art, ~200kbps mp3 or ~300kbps ogg downloadable by Bit Torrent (as they are doing right now) and eMule, fans would review it, rate it and share with others, put a widget on their website to spread it, and if they feel like supporting the band, they could (and would) do it anytime thru a donation (directly at the album’s page). Did I mention no bandwidth costs? Of course there would also be a link in the album page at Jamendo pointing to their official website, so people would go and order the tasty discbox.

Fans would be happier? Band would be happier? Can’t say, but I think so. As Radiohead has a huge audience, it might not make a big difference for them… but maybe, a few hundred fans would stop to see what the heck is Jamendo. Some would explore just for curiosity some other albums… people would start to realize there is a lot more music out here. Maybe break down the myth that free-music has no quality. Maybe a dozen or so would start exploring other music communities, netlabels and blogs (see some of them at ccnelas “bottombar”) and discover wonderful tunes for their lives.

Maybe next time, Radiohead! I really want Jamiroquai to read this post… ;-)


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Per Boysen – Civitas Urbanus

Per BoysenCivitas Urbanus

Per Boysen - Civitas Urbanus

Did you know 2007 is the first year where there is more people living in cities than on any other surface of the Earth?

Well, listen to this crazy improvisation and live sampling/looping album! If you want to know more about loops be sure to visit the looproom also.

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