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Pix – Life Living

PixLife Living (by-nc-sa)

Pix - Life Living

Pix – Life Living

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This album was featured in many blogs and reviewed some times, so I’m not showing you something entirely new. However, it fits so well with ccnelas’ first compilation, The Pluteus Trip, that I decided to post it. Go on and get it right away! You can also check out his latest release at Fresh Poulp Records named Multiple.

Pix – Life Living [FPR017]

  1. To Begin Again (2:31)
  2. Life Cycle (4:53)
  3. Empty Handed (feat. Enoalie) (4:51)
  4. One of These Days (4:39)
  5. Upsurge (5:19)
  6. Before My Very Eyes (3:38)
  7. Cleanse Emotions (3:48)
  8. Living (4:19)
  9. The Broken Glass Balerina (feat. Sonicbrat) (4:12)
  10. Jailbreak (3:31)


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FeldFunker – Beyond the Moon

FeldFunkerBeyond the Moon

Kreislauf 020

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Some nice electronics. It is cool, dense, hypnotic, well balanced with experimental textures. There is a review at Net-Label Review blog.

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Gerador Zero – #!/bin/bash

Gerador Zero#!/bin/bash


Excellent tracks by GeradorZero! Good to listen loud.

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Binärpilot – Defrag


Binärpilot - Defrag

This “one-man-band” surprised me by the songs creative ideas, with lots of melodic passages, dance beats, vocoded vocals, non-linear and automated changes! Simply mindbending! The 8 bit environment creates a cool hightech feeling, well justified since the artist is a sentient program with the mission of destroying the popollution thru getting his melodies heard!

Check out his website for lots of other information:

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