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Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

Sonic MysteryGreat Moves (by-nc-nd)

Sonic Mystery - Great Moves

Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

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Some songs are quite groovy! I liked it. Sonic Mystery begins on the opening track and gets mixed with groovy beat&bass, industrial-like electro and jazzy-disco.

Great Moves (2009)

  1. Great moves (2:54)
  2. Easy going (1:46)
  3. Black sheep (2:27)
  4. Stay tuned (2:42)
  5. You can do it (2:00)
  6. Lioness (1:28)
  7. Lost in space (2:16)
  8. Orgasmic waves (1:38)


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Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

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This a very special album for me. It was recorded my cousin Matias with his band, Mo County (now extinct), and released in 2001. At the time I was playing bass everyday, trying to record my own songs and starting my biology course. I think it was the groove that got me.

It sounded so modern, slightly epic with a touch of experimental, that it messed up with my music taste permanently. I think after 2001 anything I did, musically, had (and still has) a bit of Fuzz.

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County was a band from Potomac, MD that existed in various forms from 1998 – 2004.
Release Date: 2001
Length: 48:07

Synopsis (written by Matias)

This was the album we started in high school and since we had no idea what the hell we were doing (production-wise) it took us 2 years to finish. For those who understand these things: we recorded it on a Roland VS1680; a standalone music workstation with absolutely terrible editing capabilities. The album was recorded in stages. The first 3 tracks were made by Jesse & I using samplers because we didn’t have a drummer. The summer after we graduated from high school we did all the preliminary tracking. The next year was spent making something cohesive out of our limited initial recording session. It was quite an endeavor and although we’ve come a long way since then we will always be proud of our work. It really is the most ambitious album ever made by a bunch of high school kids with no recording experience whatsoever.

The musicians who wrote/played on this record are: Matias Vellutini (Bass, Guitar, Vox, Programming), Jesse Parmet (Guitar, Keyboards), Aaron Segal (Guitar), Justin Mervis (Keyboards, Vox), and Joey Parmet (Drums). additional vocals were provided by Patricio Ray on “In the Words” and “Jam Song”

  1. Jizzfunk (4:35)
  2. Big Boy Spooks (4:33)
  3. Too Much Marijuana (3:26)
  4. Fuzz Lightyear (7:08)
  5. Jana & Jared (4:17)
  6. Mixed Communications (3:54)
  7. 2Gs (4:41)
  8. In the Words (4:38)
  9. Supaman California (4:31)
  10. Intro (2:26)
  11. Jam Song (4:28)



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do-up – Acoustic Lounge (Live)

do-upAcoustic Lounge (Live)

do-up Acoustic Lounge (Live)
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This album has a lot of style. The music is clear, groovy, and perfectly built. There are no badly constructed ideas or not-so-well placed elements. The kitchen is precise creating a nice bed for the jazzy improvisations and original vocals. Well, I liked a lot! You can check their website, if you can read Russian.

do-up – Acoustic Lounge (Live)

  1. be free
  2. desert road
  3. feel me
  4. moody

[recommended by K.Mandla]

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ElectroLatrine – Water Closet Electronic Music Project – Part 1

ElectroLatrineWater Closet Electronic Music Project – Part 1


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Simply amazing!!! Great uptempo compositions with melodic hooks and groovy bass lines. Songs are very catchy and dance-able :-). Visit the ElectroLatrine. Hope there is a “Part 2” being prepared!

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Aygan – Plastic City

[beware: self-promotional content]

AyganPlastic City
Aygan - Plastic City

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So, this is my band’s first demo release! It is a mix of hard rock, metal, and groove… Please, grab the files, drop me a line, leave a comment, review it… tell me what you think, any kind of feedback is welcome, really! For more info about the band you can visit myspace, or the official website.


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Enneri Blaka – Démo 2004

Enneri BlakaDémo 2004

Démo 2004

This week’s album came a bit late, but came a lot groovy!

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Mister Electric Demon – Around My Cream

Mister Electric DemonAround My Cream
(Licence Art Libre)

Mister Electric Demon - Around My Cream

Some short, groovy and energetic set of songs. Slappy bass lines always make me happy!

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Anawin – A glimpse inside the bubble

AnawinA glimpse inside the bubble

Anawin - A glimpse inside the bubble

Soft groove with a subtle touch of blues and jazz. Delicious easy listening songs and vocals!

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Salmonraptor – Chronic Underestimation

SalmonraptorChronic Underestimation

Salmonraptor - Chronic Underestimation

Choosing the right timbre (also know as aspect or color of the sound) is the biggest challenge. Sometimes you just spend hours just trying to find a sound, not a melody, not a beat, just the sound. Suddenly, you just feel you got it, and thats it, half of the work is already done!

Salmonraptor has an excellent taste when choosing his instruments timbres, at least I liked them very much. They sound good by themselves, they sound awesome together as a song and an album! Very cool, good beats, sounds like electronica getting the tastes of groove…

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CC4.project – Band of Friends

CC4.projectBand of Friends

CC4.project - Band of Friends

No words today! Just some excellent electro-diving with CC4.project!

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