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Cakeflap – The Bakery Is Open

CakeflapThe Bakery Is Open (by-nc-sa)

Cakeflap - The Bakery Is Open

Cakeflap - The Bakery Is Open

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I initiated the Jamendo-Rhythmbox plugin, activated shuffle mode and started reading a book. Don’t know when (or how), but I slept… until The Bakery Is Open woke me up! It caught my attention in my sleep and turned my brain on again (ok, that is not very scientifically precise, but, oh well, I’ve just waken up).

It is an impressive piece of work build on different movements (a 17m50s song). Instrumental, fusion and progressive is what you might expect, but it will astonish you.



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Jazoo – Detached


Jazoo - Detached

Jazoo - Detached

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Simply amazing! Very good mix of jazz and funk with many melodic insights all over. Maybe the synthetic definition for their music is something in between Nu-Jazz Fusion Ethno Electronica, as suggested by their MySpace page. From the first notes, the compositions develop so nicely building an original atmosphere. You know, when you can almost see the music?

Jazoo band members

Detached (released in June 2008)

  1. Vöcklabruck
  2. Month of Sundays
  3. Ballerina
  4. Dawn Mirage
  5. Brown and Yellow Thoughts
  6. Timeliness (MM)
  7. Forgive Me


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Stan-X – Stan-X


Stan-X - Stan-X

That is some very good funk-jazz-fusion music to start the month!


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