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Jazoo – Detached


Jazoo - Detached

Jazoo - Detached

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Simply amazing! Very good mix of jazz and funk with many melodic insights all over. Maybe the synthetic definition for their music is something in between Nu-Jazz Fusion Ethno Electronica, as suggested by their MySpace page. From the first notes, the compositions develop so nicely building an original atmosphere. You know, when you can almost see the music?

Jazoo band members

Detached (released in June 2008)

  1. Vöcklabruck
  2. Month of Sundays
  3. Ballerina
  4. Dawn Mirage
  5. Brown and Yellow Thoughts
  6. Timeliness (MM)
  7. Forgive Me


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Enneri Blaka – Démo 2004

Enneri BlakaDémo 2004

Démo 2004

This week’s album came a bit late, but came a lot groovy!

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Mister Electric Demon – Around My Cream

Mister Electric DemonAround My Cream
(Licence Art Libre)

Mister Electric Demon - Around My Cream

Some short, groovy and energetic set of songs. Slappy bass lines always make me happy!

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Stan-X – Stan-X


Stan-X - Stan-X

That is some very good funk-jazz-fusion music to start the month!


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Innvivo – Maquette


Innvivo - Maquette

Three very funky-live-jazz performances (or would it be jazzy-funk?)! Really good listening!

These four well talented French kids surely have some music to show the world and their strategy seems to be up-to-date with today’s self-promotion opportunities available thru the web. They have a complete website with a player, news, members info, video and audio downloads and even a forum for feedback/discussions. They released a few songs on Jamendo and have live performances recorded on video. Pretty cool!

[dailymotion id=1DEjItKSuayKOfpp9]
innvivo 03 this noise
Uploaded by bigbourin

For those interested on a live performance they will be playing on the Fête de la Musique at Saint Quentin de Baron, France. For more information please visit the official site!

[thanks to Ju Roscito for pointing this out!]

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Kiff’On – Nés Funky

Kiff’OnNés Funky

Kiff'On - Nés Funky

Hey! MrFunky, MrGroovy, MrCoo-oo-ool!

For those funk affictionates Kiff’On is a French disco/funk band with some irreverent music and style! Good stuff! Special attention to “Miss” and “Agathe”.


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