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Kaapad – TANGRAM



I liked it. Multiple approach to sounds, samples, and melody fusing into nice experimental music!

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Per Boysen – Civitas Urbanus

Per BoysenCivitas Urbanus

Per Boysen - Civitas Urbanus

Did you know 2007 is the first year where there is more people living in cities than on any other surface of the Earth?

Well, listen to this crazy improvisation and live sampling/looping album! If you want to know more about loops be sure to visit the looproom also.

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The Abogix (J.K.) – Parapsychological

The Abogix (J.K.)Parapsychological

The Abogix (J.K.) - Parapsychological

Absolutely crazy trip under high quality samples and atmosphere. An intense experience thru sound, very nice! Be sure to check out The Abogix (J.K.) other releases at Jamendo and his website.

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Scrambled Mache – Music for people who don’t like music

Scrambled MacheMusic for people who don’t like music

Scrambled Mache - Music for people who don't like music

I had this album on my collection called Music for people who don’t like music from Scrambled Mache. I had no idea how it got there or from where had I heard of it. Well, I’ve been listening to it for weeks now and it here is my mature opinion: It is good!

Music is structured in an inventive way mixing up beats and softsynth melodies, noises, samples, and unidentifiable sounds. Highly experimental electronic music sounding like bits and pieces glued together and subtle melodies hiding behind dissonance. It is being an enjoyable experience!

It was not difficult to track down the source from where I dug this album. Custom Music Records is the name of the nice 8-bit-looking netlabel! (don’t ask me how I got into their site… If somebody has already reviewed this album, please let me know! you might be the lost link)

Custom Music Records seems to be gone, or at least closed. Please visit Scrambled Mache’s page to listen to his music!

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Embryonica – Where Have All The Weird Days Gone?

EmbryonicaWhere Have All The Weird Days Gone?

Embryonica - Where Have All The Weird Days Gone?

This album shows a creative mix of organic and electronic sounds within a film-music environment… This means no boundaries of sounds!I specially liked the melodic interceptions that changes the directions of each song! And everything always have this good nostalgic feeling of bringing back the weird days!

Nice experimental work, I definitely like music like this!

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Astrowind – The Night The Stars Flew

AstrowindThe Night The Stars Flew

Astrowind - The Night The Stars Flew

Why do we love the net? Because of its diversity. We love diversity. We can listen to excellent catchy songs somewhere or simply get deep into experimental waves right on the next server!

Astrowind is an experimental project made by 2 sound designers, I heard about in the netaudio yahoo group. I felt like putting it here! It is cool to go experimental…! Here is the album description, enjoy:

Astrowind is a project of two sound-designers from Latvia: Kriipis Tulo (known by the Oloolo project) and Mahi Bukimi. Musicians plays vintage analog synthesizers and various effects, both Soviet and Japanese.

Their first EP has been prepared from the materials of live sessions, recorded on a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder “Olimp-004s” at “Tokctoka Studio” in December 2006.

The basic theme of this album is the memories about warm and starlit nights in August, when in a cold Baltic sky it is possible to observe lots of falling stars…

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ccMixter Mega Collaboration

Was released in the 13th of january a collaborative project of 19 musicians in ccMixter! Nineteen!

The project was finished by cdk after eight months of development and a cool experimental-lounge track was born!

The track can be listened in ccNeLaS in our Experimental Playlist or below:

Mega Colaboration – Welcome to Mixtermp3

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