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Jazoo – Detached


Jazoo - Detached

Jazoo - Detached

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Simply amazing! Very good mix of jazz and funk with many melodic insights all over. Maybe the synthetic definition for their music is something in between Nu-Jazz Fusion Ethno Electronica, as suggested by their MySpace page. From the first notes, the compositions develop so nicely building an original atmosphere. You know, when you can almost see the music?

Jazoo band members

Detached (released in June 2008)

  1. Vöcklabruck
  2. Month of Sundays
  3. Ballerina
  4. Dawn Mirage
  5. Brown and Yellow Thoughts
  6. Timeliness (MM)
  7. Forgive Me


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Jonathan Rickert – Tea Lounge Groove

Jonathan RickertTea Lounge Groove

Jonathan Rickert - Tea Lounge Groove

This beautiful composition was found in BeatPick music label, who kindly provided access to the songs for podcasting (thanks to katy)!

Tea Lounge Groove is a blend of ancient and recent world sounds from different cultures, with a special eastern taste. Songs are very rich and ecletic making it suitable to all audiences 🙂

The album production is excellent, which probably made Samovar Tea Lounge happy! There are some track descriptions in CDBaby, if you are curious enough.

Sit back and relax!

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Pangenianos – A Estrada de Seu Zé

PangenianosA Estrada de Seu Zé

Pangenianos - A Estrada de Seu Zé

This beautiful album from the Brazilian band Pangenianos is based upon people from northeast lands of Brazil, where the dry weather makes life not easy at all. Its songs reflects the daily workarounds in this hostile environment…

This album surprised me for the originality of the songs! It is a mixture of regional melodies, experimental musical concepts and a nice instrumental set. Each song has its own identity but they all feel like they belong to the same album 🙂


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