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DA CHIP! 8bit Daft Punk music


That’s a great fun project! Transforming a bunch of Daft Punk songs into chiptunes. Honors to Je deviens dj en 3 jours for creating this. There are also bonus tracks available!

Visit the official website.

[edit! The official website was taken down until Daft Punk gives it official permission to exist! See here.]

Download the compilation! (temporarily disabled, try mirror)

I find amazing how people can make live music with video games.



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Williamson – A few things to hear before we all blow up

WilliamsonA few things to hear before we all blow up

Williamson - A few things to hear before we all blow up

Williamson – A few things to hear before we all blow up

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This delicious Williamson album has been sitting on my drafts for so long… Hopefully I hit publish before we all blew up and you’ll be able to enjoy every detail of this specially crafted music.


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Risch – Missing monsters

RischMissing monsters (by-nc-sa)

Risch - Missing monsters

Risch – Missing monsters

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I became aware of cute and naive music through El Zoológico‘s release and became an instant fan of petite&jolie netlabel. Missing monsters by Risch is another great album with nice synth melodies and a bit of glitchy beats. Happy, compelling and well crafted work, quite enjoyable. Also, it has an amazing artwork, right in the mood of the album. Excellent.

Risch – Missing monsters (2008)

  1. A raindow in the brain (4:00)
  2. Nap time at the robot factory (4:13)
  3. Driving in circles (3:33)
  4. Welcome home (3:35)
  5. And then morning came (3:52)
  6. Stickx (3:12)
  7. Freesychzfeyev (2:52)



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El Zoológico – The Jungle & The Aquarium

El ZoológicoThe Jungle & The Aquarium (by-nc-sa)

El Zoológico

El Zoológico - The Jungle & The Aquarium

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I first heard about this album through hiddenplacemusic, via twitter. It is a nifty little double album of poptronica. Since I’ve been listening it for a bunch of months, I can enumerate my favorite songs by now. Monkey is an uptempo glitch dancing tune, quick, but intense. The Brother Bear tells up another story, leading your mind elsewhere with warm textures and whispering vocals. And finally, the Jellyfish, another uptempo beat with a cool chorus.

El Zoológico – The Jungle [pj002a]

  1. Camina (2:21)
  2. Hippo (2:36)
  3. Mr. Frog (2:24)
  4. Snake(3:07)
  5. Monkey (1:47)
  6. Brother Bear (4:05)

El Zoológico – The Aquarium [pj002b]

  1. Nada (1:40)
  2. Octopus (2:19)
  3. Penguin and Sealion (2:00)
  4. Seahorse and Starfish (3:48)
  5. Jellyfish (3:09)
  6. Whale (2:33)


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Pix – Life Living

PixLife Living (by-nc-sa)

Pix - Life Living

Pix – Life Living

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This album was featured in many blogs and reviewed some times, so I’m not showing you something entirely new. However, it fits so well with ccnelas’ first compilation, The Pluteus Trip, that I decided to post it. Go on and get it right away! You can also check out his latest release at Fresh Poulp Records named Multiple.

Pix – Life Living [FPR017]

  1. To Begin Again (2:31)
  2. Life Cycle (4:53)
  3. Empty Handed (feat. Enoalie) (4:51)
  4. One of These Days (4:39)
  5. Upsurge (5:19)
  6. Before My Very Eyes (3:38)
  7. Cleanse Emotions (3:48)
  8. Living (4:19)
  9. The Broken Glass Balerina (feat. Sonicbrat) (4:12)
  10. Jailbreak (3:31)


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d’incise – Les Restes du Fentin

d’inciseLes Restes du Fentin


ZIP with MP3

Sometimes I feel like listening to music I already know. The satisfaction of predicting each song’s fate is powerful. Different, but equally enjoyable, is the taste of new music. It defies our brain processing capabilities, until it solves the patterns. The music then, becomes known. Sometimes, however, it is not easy to process the music, it might have unusual combinations, or too many elements which force ourselves to run over a few (or a lot) of details. There lies the joy. Hovering for the details, not random, but unexpected. Unexpected and yet, beautiful.

  1. Contagieuse
  2. Les absents ont souvent raison de l’être (w/ Bluermutt)
  3. La décompostion de l’oisillon
  4. Critique contre fausse pensée (w/ Lena)
  5. L’autre liberté sans moi
  6. La peur du guide
  7. Objets inutils pouvant servir (w/ Hopen)
  8. Everything is do dupy
  9. Vacances inversées
  10. Néanmoins les chiottes sont toujours trop loin
  11. Ceux qui vivent des miettes
  12. Marché aux puces (w/ Monsieur Connard)
  13. Politique pierogis
  14. La seconde vie de vos déchets (w/ Ibakusha)

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Intensive Care – All The People Hear With Me

Intensive CareAll The People Hear With Me

Intensive Care

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Intensive Care is a colorful band with some colorful tunes. Their last release, an EP called All The People Hear With Me, has 2 nicely laid songs with some quite original arrangements. You might listen to Sirenhorses to understand what I mean. I really liked the vocal melodies and how the song develops, grows and fades.

Intensive Care

Below you can read what Intensive Care is… Enjoy!

Intensive Care is not that room in hospitals where patients are treated
Intensive Care is not a handy lotion for dry skins and occasional fantasies
Intensive Care is not a famous British pop sensation’s album name
Intensive Care is not a parking space for oversized hummers
Intensive Care is not made of wood, or plastic
Intensive Care is not an alcoholic beverage
Intensive Care is from Montreal
Intensive Care is a rock band.

SirenhorsesAll The People Hear With Me

Official Website | MySpace | CDBaby

[thanks to Phil]

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Jikkenteki – Flights Of Infinity

JikkentekiFlights Of Infinity


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Ektoplazm, a fully featured psy trance site and netlabel, released in March’08 Jikkenteki‘s second album, Flights Of Infinity. The album is a dense trip into psy featuring long tracks with that crescendo feeling leading the way. Nice dark listening for late hours!

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All:My:Faults – neo.NøiR



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This release has a unique combination of industrial, dark, gothic, rock and electronica that could please even open-minded soft-music adepts. The music is intense and vocals are very expressive, creating a complex atmosphere based on distorted guitars and synths. Looking at their scrobbles and internet archive downloads they seem to be quite popular nowadays! Worth listening!

They have been sitting on my drafts since Jan 16th, so my apologies for taking so long to post.

  1. Gesenktes Haupt//Geschlossene Augen (mp3|ogg)
  2. Can you hear these footsteps coming upstairs at night? (mp3|ogg)
  3. Perfection is the way it’d go but it doesn’t (mp3|ogg)
  4. Just the fallen again (mp3|ogg)
  5. Encode the apology inside the lies (mp3|ogg)
  6. The course of true love never did run smooth, my dearest (mp3|ogg)
  7. One and other stab wounds destroying a life (mp3|ogg)
  8. Crashed into a spiralworld (mp3|ogg)
  9. You’d better watch out in a forest after midnight (mp3|ogg)
  10. Alles ist gesagt (version 2007) (mp3|ogg)

website | jamendo | archive | afmusic |

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Vate – Volt


Vate - Volt

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Vate’s new album (Volt) came out harder and darker into the electro music. These experimental tunes create a thick robotic atmosphere. Two albums from Vate I also like a lot are Volk and Cachonda. You can find out more at!!!


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