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Gurdonark – Seven Virtues

GurdonarkSeven Virtues (by)

Gurdonark - Seven Virtues

Gurdonark - Seven Virtues

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I first listened to gurdonark’s music on the excellent ccMixter. He is a great enthusiast of free licensing media and collaborate with many remixes and soundtracks for videos. Now, he has released a very interesting album on Jamendo called Seven Virtues.

Imagine a wooden mallet.
Imagine an Orrefors crystal.
Imagine that mallet taps crystal.

All sounds were sampled from a wooden mallet hitting an Orrefors crystal! Samples were digitally modified and the result is an originally textured slightly electronic sound. Songs have the characteristic mark of gurdonark of creating a different atmosphere and taking your mind to a soundtrip.

I recommend reading the album description written by the author, on Jamendo. Enjoy the experience!


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Tom Fahy – “Aestrid” and “A Room Full of Guys”

Tom Fahy – “Aestrid” and “A Room Full of Guys” (by-sa)

Tom Fahy

Tom Fahy

Tom Fahy (Quinn McCarthy) was the leader of this experimental band together with Jiang Dan, Rachael Eisley, Zhang Li and Liu Kaige, until he died in June 2008. In September, 79 albums of the band were uploaded to Jamendo. Seventy-nine, amazing. And they are indeed a tremendous source of instrumental music from experimental to classical.

These two albums are a nice soft experimental jazzy trip. Very good atmosphere to relax or just do pleasant things. The firsts songs from each are my favorite for now… very inspiring 🙂

Aestrid (2007)

Aestrid (2007)

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Aestrid (2007)

  1. Aestrid (9:35)
  2. Gil’s Women (9:30)
  3. A.T.O.W. (8:29)
  4. The Hidden Tax (14:28)
A Room Full of Guys (2007)

A Room Full of Guys (2007)

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A Room Full of Guys (1st edition 2007, 2nd edition 2008)

  1. Under A Mauve Sky (8:20)
  2. Valparaíso (9:00)
  3. A Room Full of Guys (9:18)
  4. Patron Saint of Waitresses (9:34)
  5. Chain Letters (9:16)
  6. Emer’s Promise (9:16)
  7. I’ll Be Seeing You (5:27)



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Billie the vision and the dancers

Billie the vision & the dancers

Billie the vision and the dancers

mp3 download page

Billie the vision and the dancers is band about Pablo, Lilly and Jessica. About the Billies and on-going stories. They sing with ghosts, witches, nightmares and friends. Dancing under Scandinavian melodies.

I must confess, their songs have been the soundtrack of my last weeks. Delicious compositions. If you over-listen they could just sound as another cute-pop band, but there is so much more to enjoy there.

Many artists chop their stories to fit the songs. Not them. Their music flows within the story, giving it the color and the mood. It looks like that for the Billies these are more than songs, they are stories, after all. For being stories, the songs have some unusual metrics and rhymes which I liked very much.

Impeccable instrumental inserts, backing vocals and extremely beautiful passages complement the atmosphere. It is also an enjoyable experience to discover citations within the songs and interpret lyrics’ strong ideas.

So, we meet at the Nobel Square?

There are many songs, so I just selected a few I like to put here:


ps: I’m not sure, it just came into my mind, I think there is something on them that reminds me of the Crash Test Dummies.

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Laços (Ties)

This Brazilian short film won the Project Direct challenge from YouTube, two weeks ago. It is so nice that I decided to post it here…! The theme song “Australia” was composed by Clarice (actress) and produced by Ricco Viana. Very soft melody and flowing acoustic guitar. Watch it here or below, listen to the song!


Australia | mp3

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LEGO Рind̩l̩d̩bile



eMule or BitTorrent | ogg | mp3

Listening to indélédébile brings me this subtle nostalgic feeling… it was one of the first albums I downloaded from Jamendo, when ccnelas was just in its beginnings. This is simple and pleasant music, ideas are well placed and there is this balance hidden in between the sounds…

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Axial – Senóide


Axial - Senóide


Most beautiful compositions I heard lately… Axial is a Brazilian band that creates delicate songs fusing electronic elements, acoustic instruments and voice. Nicely soft vocals and synth beds get surrounded by subtle glitch effects… songs arrangements are diverse with some improvisations and creative structure of melodic lines. The album Senóide has been released this year and will be available at their website until it get to the stores. You can also listen to their music at

Here are a couple of videos of them playing live! Very nice!




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