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Risch – Missing monsters

RischMissing monsters (by-nc-sa)

Risch - Missing monsters

Risch – Missing monsters

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I became aware of cute and naive music through El Zoológico‘s release and became an instant fan of petite&jolie netlabel. Missing monsters by Risch is another great album with nice synth melodies and a bit of glitchy beats. Happy, compelling and well crafted work, quite enjoyable. Also, it has an amazing artwork, right in the mood of the album. Excellent.

Risch – Missing monsters (2008)

  1. A raindow in the brain (4:00)
  2. Nap time at the robot factory (4:13)
  3. Driving in circles (3:33)
  4. Welcome home (3:35)
  5. And then morning came (3:52)
  6. Stickx (3:12)
  7. Freesychzfeyev (2:52)



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Kaapad – TANGRAM



I liked it. Multiple approach to sounds, samples, and melody fusing into nice experimental music!

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Gerador Zero – #!/bin/bash

Gerador Zero#!/bin/bash


Excellent tracks by GeradorZero! Good to listen loud.

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Scrambled Mache – Music for people who don’t like music

Scrambled MacheMusic for people who don’t like music

Scrambled Mache - Music for people who don't like music

I had this album on my collection called Music for people who don’t like music from Scrambled Mache. I had no idea how it got there or from where had I heard of it. Well, I’ve been listening to it for weeks now and it here is my mature opinion: It is good!

Music is structured in an inventive way mixing up beats and softsynth melodies, noises, samples, and unidentifiable sounds. Highly experimental electronic music sounding like bits and pieces glued together and subtle melodies hiding behind dissonance. It is being an enjoyable experience!

It was not difficult to track down the source from where I dug this album. Custom Music Records is the name of the nice 8-bit-looking netlabel! (don’t ask me how I got into their site… If somebody has already reviewed this album, please let me know! you might be the lost link)

Custom Music Records seems to be gone, or at least closed. Please visit Scrambled Mache’s page to listen to his music!

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