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DA CHIP! 8bit Daft Punk music


That’s a great fun project! Transforming a bunch of Daft Punk songs into chiptunes. Honors to Je deviens dj en 3 jours for creating this. There are also bonus tracks available!

Visit the official website.

[edit! The official website was taken down until Daft Punk gives it official permission to exist! See here.]

Download the compilation! (temporarily disabled, try mirror)

I find amazing how people can make live music with video games.



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Animal Style – What is Species?

Animal StyleWhat is Species?

What is Species

There are 2 questions you should not ask a biologist… The first one is “what is life?“. Theoretically, biologists would have the answer for this simple question, it is life they are studying after all… However, if you do ask this question you will certainly not get a precise answer. “What is Species?” is even more confusing, there are dozens of definitions. Each biologist makes up his own definition that reflects and fits his studies. However, since life is an extremely diverse phenomena, why would we have to dictate a single definition for species? Maybe the answers are in music.

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pornophonique – 8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique8-bit lagerfeuer

pornophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer

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Very creative lo-fi rock band! Nice melodies and video game tunes, for those into it. There is a summary here:

eine gitarre.
ein gameboy.
ein c64.
zwei typen. | two guys
space invaders samples.
lagerfeuergeschrabbel. | something like relaxing in a campfire
gameboygedudel. | spending time with gameboy
auch gesang mit dabei. | sing-along

They have a nice website with videos, music and a lot of stuff to buy (including the sad robot gear). Of course you can’t miss the opportunity to see them live!


(German tips by Fran)

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Binärpilot – Defrag


Binärpilot - Defrag

This “one-man-band” surprised me by the songs creative ideas, with lots of melodic passages, dance beats, vocoded vocals, non-linear and automated changes! Simply mindbending! The 8 bit environment creates a cool hightech feeling, well justified since the artist is a sentient program with the mission of destroying the popollution thru getting his melodies heard!

Check out his website for lots of other information:

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