blocSonic 5

blocSonic has released its fifth compilation named “The threat at Goliath’s feet…” and it is looking very promising! Now you can listen to the tracks via streaming from the site, which was one of the improvements announced two weeks ago.

Mike Gregoire also spoke about his intentions to make blocSonic a community website “rather than just a mere blog…“. Users can now send private messages to each other and add netlabels to the database. I don’t know how many users are registered, but more than 570 netlabels (=huge amount of music!) are currently listed on blocSonic’s database. The new tool called “Randomizer” helps us outputting 10 random labels for our ears!

I really enjoy random-way-of-life because it overrides your biased senses and make you face the unexpected. However, adding the possibility to make comments and put tags to listed netlabels might be a good way to organize this infinite music resources, and improve “non-directionless” browsing experience 🙂

Just a suggestion towards community transition!

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