Aygan – Plastic City

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AyganPlastic City
Aygan - Plastic City

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So, this is my band’s first demo release! It is a mix of hard rock, metal, and groove… Please, grab the files, drop me a line, leave a comment, review it… tell me what you think, any kind of feedback is welcome, really! For more info about the band you can visit myspace, Last.fm or the official website.


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2 Responses to Aygan – Plastic City

  1. By accident I ran into your blog. After you gave me some great suggestions I wanted to give your own band a try: Aygan. I must admit that it sounds very good. By times it is a little raw, but I hear some influences from Rush and perhaps Dream Theater…. I might be wrong ofcourse… this I wanted to tell. Keep up the good work


    Maarten from Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  2. Thats very interesting, there are band members which are Rush and DT fanatics 😉 You are perfectly right, they are big influences to our music! Thanks for listening, we are glad you liked it!