Astrowind – The Night The Stars Flew

AstrowindThe Night The Stars Flew

Astrowind - The Night The Stars Flew

Why do we love the net? Because of its diversity. We love diversity. We can listen to excellent catchy songs somewhere or simply get deep into experimental waves right on the next server!

Astrowind is an experimental project made by 2 sound designers, I heard about in the netaudio yahoo group. I felt like putting it here! It is cool to go experimental…! Here is the album description, enjoy:

Astrowind is a project of two sound-designers from Latvia: Kriipis Tulo (known by the Oloolo project) and Mahi Bukimi. Musicians plays vintage analog synthesizers and various effects, both Soviet and Japanese.

Their first EP has been prepared from the materials of live sessions, recorded on a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder “Olimp-004s” at “Tokctoka Studio” in December 2006.

The basic theme of this album is the memories about warm and starlit nights in August, when in a cold Baltic sky it is possible to observe lots of falling stars…

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