Late goodbye

As you may have noticed, this blog is plain dead. I just want to thank everybody that came around, listened to free music, supported ccnelas in some way, linked back, sent me music, or said hello. These pages will continue to exist at the address So if you need to return (sometimes I do), you know where to go.

♫ the end ♫

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DA CHIP! 8bit Daft Punk music


That’s a great fun project! Transforming a bunch of Daft Punk songs into chiptunes. Honors to Je deviens dj en 3 jours for creating this. There are also bonus tracks available!

Visit the official website.

[edit! The official website was taken down until Daft Punk gives it official permission to exist! See here.]

Download the compilation! (temporarily disabled, try mirror)

I find amazing how people can make live music with video games.



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Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

Sonic MysteryGreat Moves (by-nc-nd)

Sonic Mystery - Great Moves

Sonic Mystery – Great Moves

Torrent: MP3OGG | Zip: MP3

Some songs are quite groovy! I liked it. Sonic Mystery begins on the opening track and gets mixed with groovy beat&bass, industrial-like electro and jazzy-disco.

Great Moves (2009)

  1. Great moves (2:54)
  2. Easy going (1:46)
  3. Black sheep (2:27)
  4. Stay tuned (2:42)
  5. You can do it (2:00)
  6. Lioness (1:28)
  7. Lost in space (2:16)
  8. Orgasmic waves (1:38)


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Williamson – A few things to hear before we all blow up

WilliamsonA few things to hear before we all blow up

Williamson - A few things to hear before we all blow up

Williamson – A few things to hear before we all blow up

Download Torrent ogg, mp3 | Zip mp3

This delicious Williamson album has been sitting on my drafts for so long… Hopefully I hit publish before we all blew up and you’ll be able to enjoy every detail of this specially crafted music.


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Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County - Fuzz Lightyear

MP3 (320 kbps) ZIP + PDF Booklet [exclusive]

This a very special album for me. It was recorded my cousin Matias with his band, Mo County (now extinct), and released in 2001. At the time I was playing bass everyday, trying to record my own songs and starting my biology course. I think it was the groove that got me.

It sounded so modern, slightly epic with a touch of experimental, that it messed up with my music taste permanently. I think after 2001 anything I did, musically, had (and still has) a bit of Fuzz.

Mo County – Fuzz Lightyear

Mo County was a band from Potomac, MD that existed in various forms from 1998 – 2004.
Release Date: 2001
Length: 48:07

Synopsis (written by Matias)

This was the album we started in high school and since we had no idea what the hell we were doing (production-wise) it took us 2 years to finish. For those who understand these things: we recorded it on a Roland VS1680; a standalone music workstation with absolutely terrible editing capabilities. The album was recorded in stages. The first 3 tracks were made by Jesse & I using samplers because we didn’t have a drummer. The summer after we graduated from high school we did all the preliminary tracking. The next year was spent making something cohesive out of our limited initial recording session. It was quite an endeavor and although we’ve come a long way since then we will always be proud of our work. It really is the most ambitious album ever made by a bunch of high school kids with no recording experience whatsoever.

The musicians who wrote/played on this record are: Matias Vellutini (Bass, Guitar, Vox, Programming), Jesse Parmet (Guitar, Keyboards), Aaron Segal (Guitar), Justin Mervis (Keyboards, Vox), and Joey Parmet (Drums). additional vocals were provided by Patricio Ray on “In the Words” and “Jam Song”

  1. Jizzfunk (4:35)
  2. Big Boy Spooks (4:33)
  3. Too Much Marijuana (3:26)
  4. Fuzz Lightyear (7:08)
  5. Jana & Jared (4:17)
  6. Mixed Communications (3:54)
  7. 2Gs (4:41)
  8. In the Words (4:38)
  9. Supaman California (4:31)
  10. Intro (2:26)
  11. Jam Song (4:28)



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Risch – Missing monsters

RischMissing monsters (by-nc-sa)

Risch - Missing monsters

Risch – Missing monsters

Zip MP3

I became aware of cute and naive music through El Zoológico‘s release and became an instant fan of petite&jolie netlabel. Missing monsters by Risch is another great album with nice synth melodies and a bit of glitchy beats. Happy, compelling and well crafted work, quite enjoyable. Also, it has an amazing artwork, right in the mood of the album. Excellent.

Risch – Missing monsters (2008)

  1. A raindow in the brain (4:00)
  2. Nap time at the robot factory (4:13)
  3. Driving in circles (3:33)
  4. Welcome home (3:35)
  5. And then morning came (3:52)
  6. Stickx (3:12)
  7. Freesychzfeyev (2:52)



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Gurdonark – Seven Virtues

GurdonarkSeven Virtues (by)

Gurdonark - Seven Virtues

Gurdonark - Seven Virtues

BitTorrent MP3, OGG | Zip MP3

I first listened to gurdonark’s music on the excellent ccMixter. He is a great enthusiast of free licensing media and collaborate with many remixes and soundtracks for videos. Now, he has released a very interesting album on Jamendo called Seven Virtues.

Imagine a wooden mallet.
Imagine an Orrefors crystal.
Imagine that mallet taps crystal.

All sounds were sampled from a wooden mallet hitting an Orrefors crystal! Samples were digitally modified and the result is an originally textured slightly electronic sound. Songs have the characteristic mark of gurdonark of creating a different atmosphere and taking your mind to a soundtrip.

I recommend reading the album description written by the author, on Jamendo. Enjoy the experience!


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El Zoológico – The Jungle & The Aquarium

El ZoológicoThe Jungle & The Aquarium (by-nc-sa)

El Zoológico

El Zoológico - The Jungle & The Aquarium

Zip mp3

I first heard about this album through hiddenplacemusic, via twitter. It is a nifty little double album of poptronica. Since I’ve been listening it for a bunch of months, I can enumerate my favorite songs by now. Monkey is an uptempo glitch dancing tune, quick, but intense. The Brother Bear tells up another story, leading your mind elsewhere with warm textures and whispering vocals. And finally, the Jellyfish, another uptempo beat with a cool chorus.

El Zoológico – The Jungle [pj002a]

  1. Camina (2:21)
  2. Hippo (2:36)
  3. Mr. Frog (2:24)
  4. Snake(3:07)
  5. Monkey (1:47)
  6. Brother Bear (4:05)

El Zoológico – The Aquarium [pj002b]

  1. Nada (1:40)
  2. Octopus (2:19)
  3. Penguin and Sealion (2:00)
  4. Seahorse and Starfish (3:48)
  5. Jellyfish (3:09)
  6. Whale (2:33)


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Pix – Life Living

PixLife Living (by-nc-sa)

Pix - Life Living

Pix – Life Living

Torrent ogg, mp3 | Zip mp3 | Rar mp3

This album was featured in many blogs and reviewed some times, so I’m not showing you something entirely new. However, it fits so well with ccnelas’ first compilation, The Pluteus Trip, that I decided to post it. Go on and get it right away! You can also check out his latest release at Fresh Poulp Records named Multiple.

Pix – Life Living [FPR017]

  1. To Begin Again (2:31)
  2. Life Cycle (4:53)
  3. Empty Handed (feat. Enoalie) (4:51)
  4. One of These Days (4:39)
  5. Upsurge (5:19)
  6. Before My Very Eyes (3:38)
  7. Cleanse Emotions (3:48)
  8. Living (4:19)
  9. The Broken Glass Balerina (feat. Sonicbrat) (4:12)
  10. Jailbreak (3:31)


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Roger Subirana – Point of no return

Roger SubiranaPoint of no return (by-nc-nd)

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

Roger Subirana - Point of no return

Torrent mp3, ogg | Zip mp3

Point of no return is a diversified album with very pleasant “film music” songs. It is one of the Jamendo hits, with more than 140000 listens, almost 10000 downloads, and 107 reviews. Most songs are instrumental with piano and electronic arrangements and some have cool vocal inserts. Really good. Watch Roger Subirana playing the song Island of Light, included in Point of no return, and visit the links for more info.




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